Star Wars: The Duplicate Wars, or Star Wars: The Duplicates BATTLE IN QUÉBEC, is a collection of American 3D animation in 133 episodes of 20 to 27 mins, created by George Lucas and also broadcast between October 3, 2008, and also the 2 March 2013 on Anime Network and after that from March 7, 2014, using the Netflix Streaming Service.
Come before by a film of the very same name released to the cinema in August 2008, the collection describes the battle of the duplicates, a problem taking place in between episode II and also episode III of the collection of Star Wars films. This conflict opposes the Republic defending tranquility and also democracy thanks to Jedi and duplicate soldiers, as well as separatists defending power via Sith and also battle droids. This is the second series to resume this plot, the very first being Star Wars: Clone Wars.
In France, the collection is relayed from December 23, 2008, on W9, considering that January 18, 2009, on M6 on the M6 Youngster show, from February 14, 2009, on Anime Network and also given that July 22, 2014, on the service of Streaming Canal play. In Belgium, it is relayed from January 10, 2009, on Club RTL. In Quebec, its broadcast begins in the autumn of 2009 on Telethon.
On March 11, 2013, the series is terminated after five seasons. However, part of the 6th fate as well as a project called The Clone Wars Tradition adapts in various other layouts Narrative arcs then not generated. Finally, on July 19, 2018, twelve brand-new episodes are introduced to be launched between February 21, 2020, and also Might 4, 2020 in the USA and in between April 7, 2020, and also Might 4 2020 in France on Disney +.
The Duplicate Wars have actually turned into one of the most regarded series in the history of Cartoon Network and has normally been well-received by doubters. She has actually won countless incentives and consultations, consisting of several Annie Awards as well as Daytime Emmy Awards.

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