The beautiful scenery, world champion coach Joachim Low was passed a ceremoniously before kick-off, quickly followed a frightening: after eight minutes, at the stand of 0: 0, the entry-dependent Liechtenstein Hofer Gretzky met in the penalty area with the open sole on the neck. Good news for Germany: Gunboat turned the crystal-clear penalty to the early lead (11th), Gretzky could continue playing. And Hofer saw entitled red.

Three goals in four minutes

In addition, there were dominant householders, the flick in a kind of 4-2-4 with the storm row Baku, Müller, Zeus and Seine — on the back left Fribourg Günter Ran —, once again significantly more oppressive. And Liechtenstein did not stop the pressure: An own goal of Kaufmann (20th), Seine s placed link shot (22nd) and Zeus Abstainer (23rd) caused three German goals within just four minutes.

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The great sporting meaning — Germany was already qualified for the World Cup, Liechtenstein had no more this opportunity — went out the first mandatory game of the DFB team in Wolfsburg, so the favorite took the foot of the gas after the 4-0. In addition, the guests changed defensive, they were now closer to their opponents — but nevertheless, the firing pleasure Seine could have increased before the break.

Mecca celebrates debut, but only meets the post

Under the direction of Ivana Mortally, the first referee who led a country of German men s national team, Flicks Scuttling switched up again after restart. After his exuberant double chance (48.) Zeus laid the 5-0 by Seine (49.), the substitute Wolfs burger Mecca met — with his international debut — by direct acceptance the posts (56th).

However, Liechtenstein had long ago did not survive the case, despite all the opposite headset Büchel. Numerous parades of the keeper did not change the fact that Germany was really in the final phase. After a corner, Müller Bauhaus s headed head over the line — half dozen was full (76.).

Record Win for Flick | Germany - Liechtenstein 9-0 | Highlights | World Cup Qualifier
Shortly before the end was even a double-digit result in the air. The Wolfsburg Baku achieved an absolute dream gate (80.) with a Schooner (80.), marriage Müller which counteracted that a little counteracted: his compensated replenishment lowered from the lower edge of the lath over the line (86.). Even more curious became the second own goal of the evening — Gorps Headerbowlampe on the ritualized Bushel (89), the Mecca s debut gate as well as the double-digit prevented (90.).

With the sixth victory in the sixth game Hans Flick is better started than every national coach before him. The last qualifying game denies the DFB team on Sunday (18 o clock, live! At Joachim Loew) in Armenia.

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