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Mario Party Superstars currently casts a new light on the N64 beginnings of the Mario-Party series: not only much of the mini-games, but also all boards in the new game for the switch were taken from the first three parts! Therefore, there is no better moment than now to look back, where the party fun started.

The very first Mario Party appeared in this country on 09 March 1999 on the N64. Many series traditions have already been established here. Although there was a background story in which the characters argue around the title of the superstar, but a separate story mode did not exist yet. It should also be noted that Mario Party 1 had the most boards of the entire series!

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The origin of all celebrations

In Mario Party 2, the item mini-games are based on the board where is currently played. This mini-game here is about the pirate country. Source: Mortgages A total of eight pieces had to offer the game — six of them were based on the six playable characters Mario, Luigi, Mario, Peach, Joshi and Donkey Kong. In addition, a board belongs to the villain Bowler and a board on a huge star.

The latter was allowed to unlock until one had collected 100 stars — a lengthy procedure, which made the game even after a long time new content. Apart from that, there was the mini-game island, where you had to cope with all mini-games in single player mode.

Some content remained reserved for the first part and have never been used again since then. Example for this would be the solo mini-game fields on which a mini-GAME is held for only one player. What also in no other Mario Party is the case: losers in the mini-games often had to hand over coins! That one got coins from Korea for each round that had been turned on the field, there was only in the first Mario Party.

Of course, you can not talk about Mario Party without mentioning the risk of injury that the party game brought with him. Some mini-games demanded the player to rotate the stick often and quickly. Not only did many players ruined their controllers, but also their hands. In the US, Nintendo even had to distribute gloves as compensation to buyers. Mini-games of this kind were no longer in the successors as a consequence.

The costume party

Some mini-games from Mario Party 2 are slightly changed variations of games from the first part. Hexagon chaos is very similar fungus mess. Source: Mortgages Continue with the continuation: Mario Party 2 appeared on October 12, 2000, and established the long-lasting tradition of Nintendo to publish a new Mario Party title every year. The premise of the continuation was this time that Mario and Co. lay down a stage performance in which they argue about the designation of a new country.

Six maps are available in Mario Party 2, including an unlockable Bowler board. Except this, the game worlds are based on settings such as Western, horror, pirates and more. Especially at Mario Party 2 is that the characters are dressing for the board.

Three players try in this mini-game to balance on the role, which in turn is rotated from the single player. Who slips, will be rolled! Source: Mortgages New characters but unfortunately did not offer the game and many of the mini-games are merely revised variants from the first part. A great innovation, however, were the items: Although each player can only hold an item, but the objects changed the events on the board significantly and offered the players much more opportunities to interact with the players.

It is noticeable that Mario Party 2 seems to have a great job for Nintendo, because it is the only part of number 1 to 7, the Nintendo released over the Virtual Console on Wii and Wii U. Although Nintendo has never offered Game cube games over his online shops, but also among the N64 parts, Mario Party 2 is the only game of the series, which has ever been brought to a more modern console. Both the first and the third part officially have never left the N64 — the exact reason for this is unknown.

Mario Party Superstars - All 100 Retro Minigames (Japanese Website)
Now the party goes right

About a year later, on 16 November 2001, Mario Party 3 appeared, the last part of the series for the N64 and one of the last major games for the system. Except the first part, with which everything started, most innovations were introduced here, which held up to the complete wall of the series in Mario Party 9: Two new characters were added with Daisy and Luigi.

In addition, for the first time in turn, there is the possibility to create multiple memory files. This depends on mainly with the brand-new story mode, which also explains the toy optics of the game: Mario and his friends were sighted into a game track in which the millennium star appears all thousand years and his companion Pure want to crown the superstar. And superstar becomes who the first to collect all stamps!

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