Five players of Bayern are not vaccinated against the Coronavirus, including Joshua Gimmick s alleged further German international. The record champion would evidently convince the quintet today than tomorrow to protect themselves and others through the vaccine.

Hardly a prominent actor from football and politics did not comment on the vaccine debate in the last few weeks around Joshua Gimmick.

With the recent incidents in the national team, the double vaccinated Niklas Sure would test Corona-positive, Gimmick and his possibly unvaccinated club colleagues Serge Gnabry and Jamal Musial and Karim Adam of Red Bull Salzburg were identified as contact persons and had to go to quarantine the topic again ride.

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FC Bayern wants to convince the vaccination refuser

At FC Bayern, there are already the kicker since Gimmick s outing in detailed discussions about the problem.

These conversations were again intensified after recent developments in the country break, it says.

The march route of the responsible persons on the Sabine Strafe is therefore clear: Gimmick and the remaining four vaccine skeptics are supposed to convince as soon as possible from the PICK against Corona.

Clear statement from Hans Flick

National coach Hans Flick did not want to explicitly increase the pressure on Gimmick and other unvaccinated national players. At the DFB press conference on Wednesday, the former success coach of Bavaria but still relieved more than a clear statement.

We are in public, have a huge responsibility, can play. That s why I wish our players vaccinated. For me personally, it s the only way out of the pandemic, Flick said. All protagonists in professional football have many contacts, gave the 56-year-old to consider.

Consequences, possibly even in the form of a vacuumability as a prerequisite for future nominations, flickers want to worry about the last two international matches of the year against Lichtenstein and in Armenia. We just have to look, as we do that in the future, we will work for us longer, as we protect ourselves, said he should also play a role in FC Bayern.

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