Assault rifle STG44 kills with 2 shots in COD Vanguard So incredibly op

The FAMAS (or FA-MAS), marked as 5.56 mm F1 Mas Filler in the French military, is a 5,56 × 45 mm NATO french quality function rifle Bull pup type, initially produced by the Arms Manufacture of Saint-Étienne. Commanded and appointed in the 1970s by the French army, the Fame responded to the need for a powerful tactical weapon, decreased size and that is also easy to utilize and keep. Changing the FSA 1949-56 rifle in 7.5 mm quality and Bastille weapon 49 in 9 × 19 mm Parabellum caliber, the Fame erased the old binomial organization. In 2012, a primary study was released aimed at changing this weapon within the French Military by 2017; In September 2016, the German assault rifle HK416 lastly maintained.

The STG44 is valid after the start of Call of Duty: Vanguard as the best assault rifle and is even stronger than is suspected shortly after the release. An attachment combination makes the part absolutely supervised and Mango shows you one of the strongest classes that have ever given it in a COD multiplayer.

What is this for a weapon? The STG44 is quasi the assault rifle. The weapon is the founder of the modern assault rifle class and the basic model that started everything.

In Call of Duty: Vanguard helps the STG44 immensely this experience, because it is one of the best weapons after the start and with the right setup currently significantly too strong. As you benefit from the 2-shot-Stg, we show you here on Mango.

Here you come directly to the setup

First assault rifle directly op — takes up to the STG!

What makes the STG44 strong? Actually, we would do your versatility here and the countless possibilities that the STG44 offers you. But right now, it s the mix of 2 attachments that make the part really strong:

Ammunition attachment: short Russian.30 30-shot magazine
Skill Attraction: Vital

That Vital is too strong, has been clear shortly after the release. Together with the larger caliber of the short, Russian magazine, the STG is correctly impeded.

Through the Russian balls, your opponent can do with 2 headshots and through Vital you also cause the headshot damage to the chest area. This means that you can relax your opponents quite loose with 2 balls — hits in the chest area are rather the rule for experienced players than the exception.

What can the STG44 not so good? Through the Russian balls, your control loses your control and the STG44 struggles significantly more against your orders than with the normal magazine. With some exercise and the right essays you can counteract here and the fight against the recoil is the high damage is all worth.

In melee, you are in the disadvantage in mobility. But here too, the damage and even if you later fired, but sitting your bullets, you get the kill.

The important essays you also turn off very late. Look in our Level Guide to get the weapons up quickly. In addition, the combo is so strong that quite a certainty soon a nerf comes.


Mad damage — kills with 2 hits
Also works up to 50 meters


Noticeable recoil
High level of the weapon needed
Nerf very likely

Vanguard: STG44 Setup only needs 2 hits

What does a strong setup look like? Selects Vital and the Russian magazine. It can already start with that. With the other essays, you reduce the recoil and ensures better precision. Builds the setup so that you compensate the disadvantages of heavy balls.

As a recommendation, we show you a verified setup of the German Cod YouTubers Styler (via YouTube):

Vanguard: STG44 Setup

Eat: MX muffler
Run: VDD 760 mm 05b
Visor: G16 2.5x
Shank: Konstanz tactic
Fall: M3 standby handle
Magazine: Short Russian.30 30-Shot Magazine
Ammunition type: extended
Handle: Cloth handle
Skill: Vital
Kit: fully charged

Who should try the STG? At the moment every play style benefits from the incredible strength of the weapon. The combination of the high damage and the skill Vital is extremely strong and can bring you many kills and curse opponents.

Or to say it with the words of Styler: I can not remember when we had the last time in a COD multiplayer, which was so incredibly op […] with the strongest class that ever in a cod -Multiplayer gave.

Playing with the setup options a bit around, also tries a small visor or a focus at your speed in the sight (ADS tempo).

Call of Duty: Vanguard brings the ancient world war weapons with the latest technology to your picture Chris and also donates a few overpowering weapons options.

In the Battle Royale War zone, the COD developers have shown in recent months that they know what s going on with their weapons and can look like a decent balancing. If Vanguard separates a disk here, this brutal STG44 should be a bit weaker soon. Until then, the assault rifle will dominate the battlefields.

If you still want to know which weapons are also strong after the release, then look here: the 3 best weapons of COD Vanguard after the start — with attachment setups

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