Away, Playback is so far difficult this season. Before the game in Mainz, the Russia had lost four times in the stranger so far and only won once (3: 1 in Wolfsburg). At the Friday evening there was after all a 1: 1 at PSV. After all, because Playback in half two clearly degraded and could thank Keeper Yann Summer, not to compensate for compensation. So one must be satisfied with the point, said coach ADI Hunter after playing at DAZN.

Playback listens to play football

Bauhaus 100 - Spring Dialogues 2019

Hunter found the first half still absolutely okay. But with the side change Mainz turned up and played with passion, with power and emotion football, which would have seen Hunter longer from his eleven. The Russia showed her fast game but only after the leadership of the injured Nico Elves (suspected external tape injury) substituted Florian Bauhaus — and only to the break bar. We ll hear a little on to play football in the second half, Bauhaus wondered. Much too many long balls, he and his team colleagues had played, rather than putting the playing field and then just brave the ball run.

The fact that sometimes arrives at the will, Bauhaus showed his goal and took the goal for a description of his current situation as a substitute player: It s all the more pleased that it was a gate where it was not so on the footballing skills Arrives, but on the will and the mental strength, easy to run through. That was important for me in the last weeks.

Bauhaus desire surprised Hunter

For the sake, the 24-year-old, who has now lost his parent of the season starting phase at Radio One and Denis Bavaria. This new, unfamiliar situation is not easy. He would have been a piece of far more backing of the association, which is probably in professional football a little desire, says Bauhaus. Nevertheless, he accepts the decision and wool with good training services back to the starting eleven of Russia — gates are usually helpful.

His coach also attested him promptly good training services and was also pleased about the personal success experience, but also reacted something surprised to the statements of his player: I m not the club, I am the coach, and there is also a performance principle. The Russia is now very well occupied in the midfield center. That for him the situation is new and different, belongs to a development of a very good player, said Hunter.

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