APEX New Season Preceding Play Video Miracle outbreak Popular streamers are also encountered

The new season Escape (Season 11) of Apex Legends opened at 2 am on November 3 Japan. A few days ago, the popular streamer STYLISHNOOB and SHAKA posted a preceding play video, but that there was a miracle matching, and the fans were delighted.

In videos that STYLISHNOOB and SHAKA posted by SHAKA, the newly appeared legend Ash and the new weapon C.A. R. SMG feeling of the feeling of APEX in the perspective of APEX. While trying the gimmicks packed in the new map, I actually matched with other players and fought a battle.

STYLISHNOOB picks Watson because one battle was using Ash. I will show you a good slippage that repeats kills one after another. And the last three units and the enemy players of Watson at the wall. It breaks up with a combination with allies, and then earns champions.

Actually, Watson who beat here is SHAKA, who is the ally of STYLISHNOOB. SHAKA s videos were attacked, and it was also fully listened to saying Ended….

Furthermore, even if it is immediately after that, surprising development is. When stylishnoob was worried about wildlife Plauruer, it is suddenly dropped to Ash who has suddenly got to be dropped…. It was actually shaka that I was manipulating that ash.

In addition, since an anonymous account was used in the preceding play, there are no noticed by each other. Nevertheless, two people have the exactly the same scene. From the fan, I think that I do not know each other, but I like to cut out the same place in strangely, Sakura VS Stann Setsubun VS Stann Same with the same place And the voice of joy was rising.

There are two people who also encountered a miracle or a miracle encounter. After opening the season Escape, we would like to expect live delivery in 3Br including spygea.

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