Gravity launched its PC Online Games Ragnarok Online Classic in Thailand on the 28th. Local services take advantage of Gravity Garvity Game Tech, GGT.

This game combines past and present advantages with the Ragnarok Classic version. The release version is an episode 4.0, including Frontera, Alberta, and Genpen, and the like. Then, add episodes, dungeons, and professions, and the like. It is also possible to extend the experience penalty for the character level and the monster level difference.

6 เรื่องน่ารู้ ก่อนเล่น Ragnarok Classic Gravity (ROC GGT)
Gravity Games Tech, Thailand Services, said, We have learned that there is a lot of people who miss the early version of Lagranoque online with the constant communication with the users. In the meantime, I developed it to be more enhanced, and I asked for a lot of interest and support of the Thailand s users.

In addition, the launch of Ragnarok Online, which is the 20th anniversary of the 2022, the existing users can recall the past, and the new users will have a chance to feel the feeling of the past and present I would like it, he added.

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