A disturbed attacks 17 people in a subway from Japan disguised as Joker who says admire

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Halloween Night is a festival for many people, but unfortunately several passengers on a Tokyo train passed through one of the worst experiences of their lives when a disturbed decided to attack several people during the trip to Shinjuku, in the center from the city.

A man identified as Kyota Hattori attacked 17 different people with a knife and also caused a fire on the train. The 24-year-old man has been arrested during Sunday night for assassination attempt. The detainee said he he wanted to kill people and give him the death penalty. He would also have expressed having been thinking about wanting to be sentenced to death since June.

The attacker also told researchers who love Joker, the Batman comics villain, and in fact several images and photos that took witnesses effectively showed a man dressed in a character disguise, with a purple suit and a suit Green included.

Before the incident, Hattori had been in the Shibuya district. Afterwards, according to him he told the police, he had chosen an expression train limited to the center of the city, with few stops and many passengers. The detainee also regretted not having been able to kill anyone during his attack.

Of the 17 wounded, a man of about 70 years is in a critical situation after being stabbed in his chest. The other 16 victims, of different ages, have minor injuries, including smoke inhalation. In addition to the attacks of it with the knife, the detainee also raised a fire on the train using lighter fluid.

After this incident, the Ministry of Transport from Japan has asked all trainer companies in the country to reinforce surveillance to ensure the safety of passengers. In recent months, attacks and incidents of this type have increased in trains and stations of the Tokyo area, although this Joker imitator seems to have taken the situation to a new level.

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