Fortnite players can vote for another new weapon

Epic Games continued his Votes of Fortnite Season 8 this week asking players to concentrate their donations of gold bars in one of two weapons: the combat assault rifle or the combat subfuster. Both are totally new weapons, although they may sound familiar only by the names, but only one of them will be added to the game as a result of the last voting. These voting initiatives are now active and will be available until one of the two elements is fully funded.

We have seen assault rifles and subfusters in fortnite before through different variations and rarities, but this is the first time that these weapons have been part of the combat class of weapons. To inform players about what they are voting, Epic Games shared a preview of what makes these weapons different from their basic variants we have seen in the past.

The effort of war continues. Now you can vote for the Combat Assault Rifle or Combat SMG to help in the fight against Sideways.

Two weapons of great power that are insurmountable in the hands of an expert. Vote now in the game! Https: //

  • Fortnite (@fortnitegame) October 13, 2021

«What about different kinds of weapons combat ?» He asked the last publication of Epic Games. With an adjusted bullet distribution and an exceptional power, the combat variants of the assault rifle and subfuster subfuster are a great force in the hands of an expert. Just be careful with the recoil! Both the combat assault rifle and the combat subfuster have a strong recoil that you must domesticated to get the most out.

In the last vote above this, players were asked to choose between two vaulted elements that were more utility oriented than inflicting damage. That makes these new combat weapons the first elements that will be voted and that are destined directly to harm enemies. No other information related to the performance of weapons was shared apart from the previous details, although people have already extracted data from the details of weapons to see how their statistics are seen depending on the different rarities that will be available.

In the midst of these voting efforts, fortnite is also in the middle of its Halloween event with the return of fortnitemar. This means that the masks, an LTM and more are back for a while before they are deleted to give way to what is the next event. Epic Games and Entre, the developer Innersloth recently conversed also with the fortnite creators who admit that his game mode Importe were inspired by Entre us.

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