After Nintendo and Microsoft Damon Baker joins Kepler Interactive

No sooner announced his arrival on the market that the interactive Kepler publisher, trained by the alliance of seven independent studios from around the world, attracts a very large fish in its nets.

Without changing specialty, Damon Baker has decided to join a more modest structure than those he has experienced since he had the honor to join Nintendo in August 2006. He will stay there 12 years and will come to know players. By becoming the public face of the independent game and relations with third party publishers, when Nintendo begins to relax its conditions of access to its ecosystem and take small studios seriously from years Wii U.

In January 2019, it crosses the street to reach Xbox in a role of head of portfolio always in charge of seizing the opportunities for partnerships with external studios. A mission that has lasted less than 3 years since Damon Baker is now Vice President of Partnerships and Portfolio at Kepler Interactive. Damon Baker arrives with a reputation that is no longer to do and a consequent number of contacts that the young publisher will use to expand.

Set up by Alexis Garavaryan with the help of Netease Games who took 100 million euros from his pocket, Kepler Interactive is already composed of A44 studios (New Zealand), Alpha Channel (Canada), EBB Software (Serbia), Shapefarm (Japan), Timberline (United States), Sloclap (France) and Awaceb (France). A family of more than 250 employees in 10 countries, including 75 in France, all working on original creations, including Sifu, Scorn and Tchia.

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I am delighted to join Kepler Interactive at a time as hinge of his career. The company is based on a strong and unique vision that resonates not only with me, but also with our studios and our partners. I can not wait to work with These founders, these creators and their exceptionally talented teams to develop our portfolio in the years to come /, commented Damon Baker.

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