The end of the world is here! Surviving The Aftermath leaves the Early Access and will be published on 16 November 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch at a recommended retail price of 29.99 euros.

The game will be compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, so players who have acquired Surviving The Aftermath for the last generation consoles can also experience the game on their new devices.

Paradox also announced that the Outback Radio Pack has been added to the Early-Access Founder s Edition. Owners of the Founder s Edition receive the radio pack as a free content update to start. Steam users who want to take part in the Early-Access before starting can acquire Surviving The Aftermath by November 1 with a 25% discount.

Surviving the Aftermath - Release Date Announcement

At the beginning of version 1.0 there is an explosive trailer here:

Surviving The Aftermath leaves the early access at the same time with the start of the endgame update, which offers a rich quest series and features for the colonies in the later gameplay. The players will discover the secrets behind the Apocalypse and prepare their colony to survive another end of the world.

Players build a successful colony in Paradox s second part of the Surviving series and restore civilization in a destroyed world. They arm themselves, attach their gates and fight against the dangers of the apocalypse bandits, natural disasters, diseases.

They also make difficult decisions to secure the survival of their colony. They send specialists out of the gates of the colony to collect resources, to meet rival colonies, building outposts and much more. Specialists can be equipped with armor and weapons to defend the colony against attacking bandits and wild animals.

After 20 major content updates, which focused on the expansion of game mechanics and the feedback of the players, today s Surviving The Aftermath has strongly developed itself against the version, which went into the Early-Access two years ago, says Lasse LiljElahl, Game Director of Surviving The Aftermath.

I do not think I ve ever worked on a game in which the community was integrated as strongly into development as at Aftermath. Really every decision, change and supplement we have made is due to the feedback of the community – if we could all writing them in the credits, we would do it! They had just as much proportion of development as us.

The Gameplay of Surviving The Aftermath at a glance:

Building and managing a colony: Players build and lead a colony of survivors after a world-destroying event. They build more than 130 different buildings and fight for survival in a harsh world full of dangers. They must be prepared for everything, because a natural disaster or environmental disaster can mean the downfall for a poorly equipped settlement.
Recruitment and administration of specialists: Over 80 unique specialists are available. Everyone with their own skills and motivations to maintain the resources of their colony. Players equip their specialists with equipment to defend the colony from attacking bandits and raging wildlife.
Discovery tours in a procedural world: Players send their specialists outside their colony into a procedural world. There they meet rival colony leader and action with resources or fight for survival. Specialists can build outer items and collect materials to give their colony an advantage.
Difficult times – Difficult decisions: Surviving the postalapalkalypse means to make impossible decisions. The fate of the colony depends on the judgment of the leader. Each decision can influence the well-being of the colony and affect their future.
In the traces of truth: specialists will encounter secrets in exploring the world. Players cover so securities around the Apocalypse and prepare their colony on the worst if they were to repeat such an event.

Surviving The Aftermath first debuted in the Early-Access in the Epic Games Store and in the Xbox Game Preview during the PDX CON in October 2019 and started last October in the Steam-Early-Access. Throughout the Early Access phase, ICEFLAKE and PARADOX have entered the feedback of the players in 20 larger content updates.

Features were introduced that expand the world map and colony system, improve the fight and add end-class content that illuminate the background of the apocalypse.

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