Youtuber believes he found in Destiny 2 the ultimate Meta Breaker

Indestiny 2 were always a big topic. They are precise and solid. However, they barely play a role in Season 15. But a Youtuber now believes that he has found the ultimate Meta Breaker. That s his evasive plan.

In Season 15, the gun genre of the Scout rifles hardly attention will be considered in Destiny 2. They are not meta in the season of the lost Non Meta and are not advanced by a seasonal mod.

Nevertheless, two scout rifles with quickfire housing now prove the opposite. You are currently becoming the insider tip. Especially with the players who have tried themselves.

To these two scout rifles are: Fast fires mainly the scout rifle from Gambit Highest Servant and the Ausing Plan. These two weapons make it clear how important the TTK (Time To Kill) is really in Destiny 2.

CoOGOLUY: Evading plan is basically meta, but no one wants to admit

Low loss values ​​are considered a disadvantage: Only because of their relatively low levels of damage ignore the players. They prefer to take back to an disagreement SR4 master or a night watch, which manifestly makes more damage. Unjust as the Youtuber CoolGuy finds. He explains the scout rifle Ausing Plan to the new Meta-Breaker.

What is the evasive plan ?

Ausing Plan is a 260 scout rifle with arcus damage
Originally the scout rifle was a weapon of the group Dead Orbit
Replaced in Season 15 and added to the World Pool.
It was built from the Veist-Weaponschmiede.

EOX Meta Breaker - The Most Advanced Nerf Blaster on Earth

Essentially, alternative plan is the PVP counterpart to Highest Servants, the Quick Fire Gambit Scout Rifle.

That s why the scout rifle is underestimated: Many players disassemble or infuse the scout rifle immediately. His low levels of clatter can not keep up with a disagreement SR4 Master at first glance.

The alternative plan as well as the top servant has an excellent fire rate of 260. These are even 60 more than that in Destiny 2 proven scout rifle night watch. Through the higher fire rate allow you to fail. It quickly fires it and has a decent target aid. In addition, the small zoom in the PVP plays pleasant.

In one of his last videos, the Youtuber CoOGOLGUY leads his assessment to the scout rifle alternative plan and why this weapon in Destiny 2 becomes the meta-breaker :

The video has already over 100,000 clicks. The opinion of CoolGuy are closing more and more players. A few already knew the scout rifle. But many have tried it for the first time.

So the player writes Kristopher Luna, who is already a fan of the weapon:

[…] I was surprised to see that she is not respected as a very good weapon, it was praised by many, but I never saw it in the game except when I used it. I am glad that this video really highlighted his strengths, I was not even aware of what makes it so good, except that I love it, as it feels.

And thedaarklink, who has tried the weapon only after the video supplements:

After I saw this video, I spent a few thousand arms master materials and get a weapon with an altered run, improved storeys, lawlust, kill clip and stability masterpiece. I brought the people (in PVP) to melt all weekend.

How to get the weapon: Ausing Plan is located in the normal World Loot Pool. You can not really farm them any activity in Destiny 2. Before you leave for the pure luck, we recommend a detour to Banshee44. If you still have arm master materials left, you could get a God Roll faster there.

Which God Roll of alternative plan is good? In his video, CoolGuy recommends the rolls like a rock in stormy lake and Kill Clip. This station wagon is most appropriate for the PVP.

We also recommend you the classic version with lawless and Kill Clip. Anyone who still reminiscent of the impetus rifle has liked to play that will like this station wagon. Also CoolGuy sees strong parallels here.

Do you already have a alternative plan ? If yes with which perks do you like to play him? And is your coogrguy agree that weapons be underestimated with quickfire housing?

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