VfL Wolfsburg Schmadtke about the release of Van Bommel

The VFL managing director explained in game\s.blogspot.com/2021/08/virgin-leitsch-remains-true-to-vfl.html” title=”detail and self-critical”>detail and self-critical for the change on the head coaching position made on Sunday. In this case, Schmadtke talked about …

… the youngest 0: 2 home defeat against Freiburg: Mark van Bommel s statements after the game did not matter. It was a perception that has been won over days and weeks and has led to the end at the end Decision must be made. The team was unsettled on Saturday.

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… Backgrounds of Decision: In the end, the belief lacked that in this constellation we managed the turnaround and we design the season as we imagine that. You can now say that that happened soon and happened early. On the other hand, one can assume that one has not been perceiving a development only since yesterday and a rating takes place after an intensive exchange. And the evaluation is that we have separated.

… his and sports director Marcel Schäfer s share of development: A coaching is always meaning that things you ve done together do not work. This is a defeat for all, not just for the coach, but in the Case for me, because I have linked other things with the commitment Mark Van Bommel. That s a sad moment for me and also a beautiful situation, because it is also a confession of that you made a mistake.

… the previous course of the season: We thought that we can saddle on a stock we have here, I still find the idea right and exciting, but we had problems in the implementation. We have problems From 13 competitive games four won, this is a lengthy process. The preparation was not prickly tingling, we only won one of the test matches.

… the time of discharge: The upcoming country break is viewed from the outside the moment in which you have time to change things. If you look more accurate, you see that we have ten or twelve international, they are All not there. But if you make the feeling that the right time has come, then you have to act.

… the topic Game Idea: I believe Mark Van Bommel has a clear game idea in mind and strives to implement in every workout and you can see that too. But for reasons I do not want to explain and explain they do not belong to the public, it has not succeeded in implementing them. We try to get a coach who is successful and implements a game idea that also enthuses people. One who is for the team and the situation we have straight The most appropriate.

… the further objective: We only have nine game days and there is no giant cliff upwards. You just have to be careful that the season does not tore like sand between your fingers. We want to make you successful and us again for the International business qualify. That is and remains the objective that is necessary to implement.

… the duration of the interim solution with the previous co-trainer Michael Frontzeck: If, long means until next game, then it is a long decision. His experience gives us a bit of room for maneuver and time and peace. We will be seek a new head coach, sometime a selection and make a decision. Until then, we have a constellation that does not drop us into nothing. We are able to act.

… Frontzeck s role: The coach makes things around the team. He has to have the freedom. We make the other things. But of course you discuss play-tactical things and game ideas with each other, that s a normal process.

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