The Day Before New Survival MMO which sees The Division afraidly similar reveals release

In the latest trailer for The Day Before there was not only new gameplay to see, but also a release date. The Zombie MMO appears on June 21, 2022 for the PC on Steam.

The trailer gives an insight into the gameplay of The Day Before and shows some places that you can visit in the game. And the weapon system with mod fiques can also be seen.

The Day Before may look like a mix of The Last of Us and The Division, but there are some differences to the MMO shooter of Ubisoft:

What is the Day Before? It is a survival MMO, which plays in a postal-pokalyptic Open World, after America was hit by a pandemic with zombies. Your character that seems immune to the virus watches without reminders in this world. The task is now to find out what happened here. The danger: You will compete with other survivors for food and weapons and at the same time have to offer the meaty infected Paroli, which strips through the streets.

The developers have confirmed that The Day Before will appear not only for PC, but also to PS5 and Xbox Series X. But there is no appointment for that.

Note: The contribution was planned on Sunday, but is only now published by a technical error.

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