Keylocker Cyberpunk RPG in turn is in the last days of Kickstarter

The Keylocker Kickstarter ends and it s really worth the detour. The Kickstarter is already a success, but at three days of the end, they are very close to be able to carry a Switch port.

The Kickstarter itself is very well done and gives you all the information you could want on Keylocker as well as a demo so that you can see for yourself if the game is something you would like to play.

So, what is Keylocker? Keylocker is a rhythm-oriented rpm rpg which is inspired by the Mario & Luigi RPG series and the trigger of a stopwatch. You will embody the singer and author-songwriter Bobo. B0B0 is one of the doppelganizers, twins born like perfect human beings capable of obeying the goal of the caste to which they were assigned. Its purpose is to serve in the lowest caste for the prosperity of Saturn, but B0B0 does not completely agree with that. In the midst of a revolution against Saturnian satellites, the ultimate form of law, B0B0 associates with a new musical robot that will integrate perfectly into its illegal group as a drummer.

The fight is in turn, but you will need to press buttons at a rate for an appropriate attack and defense. There will also be random encounters because enemies can be seen on the map. You can also link friendship or betray citizens and play concerts, so there seems to be a lot to do here while you head to the multiple purposes of the game.

【Keylocker】Trying out the Keylocker demo, a game that's on Kickstarter currently.

Here are some of the key features of Keylocker:

Check electricity with your own music! Transform it into attack or defense according to your needs, from a set of movements and one tactics to another.
Combat in a classic turn with a touch: real-time execution of the movements in rhythm game style, aim your shots, timet your attacks, take and block your enemies on this ruthless planet.
No random meetings; Fight your forehead enemies with fluid battles in the world inspired by Chrono Trigger.
Look with friendship with citizens, or betray them, hacking their profiles to acquire resources or to change the course of history with multiple purposes.
Play with your group with friends that you have made to the Music Show mini-game, with ElektroBear compositions (Momodora, Virgo Versus The Zodiac, Osteoblasts), doubled by Psamathes (The Pathless).
But beware of the danger counter! The oaring church will certainly come after the sneaky inhabitants who do not respect the law of silence.
Customize your characters completely with a wide variety of equipment; Unlock special talents using the keys harvested on the enemies that you delete in combat.
Unique interactions with each object in the world: exploring Saturn can lead to secrets, rewards or entire knowledge on the planet.

Keylocker is a game in which I have some confidence, and I can not wait to see how he will come out. It is a game of the creator of Virgo versus The Zodiac, which I found to be a charming little RPG, so I have some good deals because it is a developer established in my mind with regard to the RPG. It does not hurt either that I am a big fan of the genus CyberPunk.

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