Ends the fortnite vote a new weapon was added

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Fortnite now has another new weapon in the booty after the conclusion of the latest voting efforts of the community. The most recent voting requested players to use their gold ingots to respond by the combat assault rifle or the combat subfuster, and now that the votes are accepted, the combat assault rifle has been declared a winner. That means that if you voted for that weapon or not, you can now use it in the game.

Epic Games announced the results of Combat Assault Rifle vs Combat SMG on Saturday to say that the first had won the vote. That is not too surprising since, between the two options, the Combat Assault Rifle seems to be the best overall option, so it always seemed likely to be like that.

The Combat Assault Rifle vs Combat SMG War Effort has been completed and the Combat Assault Rifle is now certified as the LOOPERS option.

Let your lead! pic.twitter.com/mulp8kffds.

  • fortnite (@fortnitegame) October 16, 2021

Compared to the first vote that asked players to choose between two elements that were more focused on the utility than in damage alone, this voting contest was resolved relatively quickly. That is because voting joints are dispersed fortnite The map now apparently requires less gold ingots to end the vote and have a declared option as a winner. The total required is almost half of what it was before, according to fortnite dataminer hypex, so maybe Epic Games felt that the latest voting requirements took players too long to solve them.

4b no 40b my bad lmao

  • Hypex (@hypex) October 16, 2021

Hypex also shared details on how the upcoming votes will be seen when they are available. In the next vote after this, the players who choose between the Bombie bomb and the combat shotgun will be asked. After that, the voting challenge will have the Flint Lock pistol and the Proximity Launcher. However, dates for them have not yet been announced, so it is not clear when they will begin exactly. Epic Games has been sharing advertisements periodically on social networks every time these votes are available and when they have been completed, so players should know soon what are the plans for this community s next challenge.

With Halloween approaching, fortnite Players also have more than that kind of content to expect. The additional content of DC will also come with the Batman Who Laughs cosmetics that will soon reach the game along with a new crossed comic.

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