Borderlands 3 Scaled Takedown Beim Taliwan Blacksite Event Am 16 Januar

Solo players can harvest the rewards of this reduced version of the raid.

As part of a large patch with Mayhem 4 and other functions to improve the quality of life, Gearbox s grades 3 also received its first raid . TakeDown at Maliwan BlackSite showed a new Invincible Boss and allowed four Vault hunters to take him. For those who want to run alone, the reduced version offered some hope.

After an initial delay, the Gearbox has recently confirmed that the reduced version of the RAID will be available on 16 January. It is available until January 30th and offers the same rewards as the regular version. So build these legendary shields of the highest level in this duration. At the end of the event, Takedown at Maliwan BlackSite returns to its original level of difficulty.

Those who are not interested in the event, but want to go back to the bags, can check out moxxis raid on the beautiful jackpot . The first paid DLC he offers a brand new area, new legendary weapons, new cosmetics, new enemies and new hard bosses for fighting. All this and lots of pretty Jack. What is not possible?

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