5 Best Landing Location in Free Fire to Rank Fast After Ob30 Updates

In location, location or place are utilized to signify a region (factor, line, or area) in the world s surface area or somewhere else. The term location normally indicates a higher level of assurance than place, the last commonly indicating an entity with an uncertain boundary, depending more on human or social features of place identification and local color than on geometry.

After OB30 Updates, many things have changed in the game. Some characters have been disobedient, free Fire Max became live, and certainly some recombination was presented for all aspects of the game.

While some things have changed, the other is the same. In-game rankings are still a difficult task. However, players can make it easier to get into some areas and stretch themselves in the match.

Top 5 Landing Location in Free Fire to Rank Fast After OB30 Update

5) Ballhar (Bermuda)

Updates will continue to go, but the clock tower for free Fire will always remain hot drop zone. The players who want to experience an exciting match, should leave them here, and try to close the area.

Although this area is highly unstable, the players who can successfully stop it, they will be able to earn a lot of points through eradication. Given that the players roam in the field continuously, there will be no shortage of marks that can be earned by skilled players.

4) Peak (Bermuda)

Although the peak is considered to be hot drop location, but less activity is being seen in this area with passage. After free Fire OB30 updates, location is looking short battle.

Although it can be just a coincidence, players are one of the best places to rank in the game. The area offers adequate loot, and after cleaning the area of ​​opponents or to avoid the fight of the gun, the player can easily roam.

3) Command Post (Kalahari)

The command post in Free Fire is still a fan-favorite place to leave players. This provides good loot and good protection from snippers due to the high number of structures present in the field,

Both inactive and aggressive players can land to rank as a location suite and support many players. The only thing to worry about this place is that opponents are mastered in shotgun and are actively searching for players to move down.

2) Mothhouse (Perimeter)

Moathouse is still a quiet place to leave the idle player want to start the easy start. It offers a good loot, and there is an excellent safe place to leave the whole squad.

Although walking on the mainland can become an issue, in addition, the location is ideal for ranking in the free fire for beginners and experienced passive players.

1) Brasilia (Perification)

There is a very strange place to leave Brasilia. In some matches it becomes a hotdrop zone, while there is hardly any player in others. Nonetheless, this place is ideal for both passive and aggressive players.

Those who enjoy the passive gameplay style, they can spend a lot of time because it is located in the center of the map. During this time, aggressive players can land here, loot and can go out in search of opponents. Either way, it is a great place to land to rank in Free Fire

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