New World Biggest rush on a new MMORPG for 2 years Huge queues

New World has finally been released and the onslaught of the players is enormous despite the inconspicuous due date. There are long queues and many players are not going to the game. Something had not existed for years.

What is the situation in New World? New World has recently started and although the start-period of this country took place to a very worker-unfriendly period of time, numerous players have opened up to the new world. Already it has already catapulted in the top 3 of Steam Charts.

But for many players, this excursion ended immediately after the character creation, because the servers are just crossed brutally and the onslaught is enormous. Players report four-digit game numbers that are standing in front of them in the queue. With appropriately long waiting times.

Before that, the employees of Meinmmo are not immune. Thus, our editor-in-chief Leya Jankowski reported that after him character crew on place 6,768 landed in the queue and then even after an hour on 10,044 openly slipped. At the time of this article, it is still still not, as it finally gave a shutdown for maintenance.

How are the servers built at New World? New World relies on individual servers, which can accommodate more than 1,000 players at the same time, according to the official statement. Unlike games like ESO, no large megaserver per region is set up.
In addition, there is currently no Regio-Lock, which is why players from other soil parts can also combine in Europe, which further complicates the situation. A list of the servers – also the German – can be found here.

Similar crowd to the launch was last only with Anthem and Wow

When was there a situation ever? That there is such a high onslaught to an MMO, is a bit longer. A comparable situation was last given in February 2019 to the start of Biowares ultimately luckless Action MMO Anthem.

There it took days until finally the infinite charging screen bug was fixed and you could easily get into play. But even without the bow there was a hearty rush to the servers at that time.

A similar situation was later 2019 still to the release of WoW Classic. There, the servers were overrun by unimaginable hordes from nostalgicers and they could not log in for hours.

What are the reasons for the long waiting times? First of all, New World is a new MMORPG, even one of the West and no import from Asia. This was forcibly to a great interest of the genre fans and many are likely to have taken an extra time for a holiday or otherwise.

Added to this is the lack of Regio-Locks, which is why players from all over the world domain the servers of Europe.

Final could still be a unusual statement from Amazon himself. Because to reserve names, especially many players stride straight to the servers just to secure a name. What it has in detail, you will learn here.

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