How to wear a huge pink teddy bear from Fortnite found in Risky Reel

If you want to wear a huge pink teddy bear 100 meters in Fortnite, find out here where you go and how to do this

This could be one of the sweetest tasks we have received so far in the game. We have to pick up a Fortnite Giant Teddy Bear in Risky Reel and then wear it 100 yards. It is helpful that at least four of these cuddly pink buddies hang around in the car cinema and have something like a beautiful grill, so that (theoretically) several players can complete this part of the Fortnite Midas, mission challenges in the same game.

Of course, this is not the first time that bears were presented lately, as we also had the secret challenge for the Bears to find their Fortnite Honey Pot locations – it s still time to complete this if this is the first It s that you hear about it again. If you are ready to bumple a huge stuffed animal around Fortnite, follow our example of the Giant Pink Teddy Bear from Fortnite to pick up.

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