The Xbox system software program is the operating system established exclusively for the Xbox consoles. Throughout the four generations of Xbox consoles, the software program has been based on a variation of Microsoft Windows as well as including DirectX includes optimized for the video gaming console. The user interface, the Xbox Control panel, offers access to games, media players, as well as applications, and integrates with Xbox Live for on-line capability.
Though preliminary iterations of the software program for the original Xbox as well as Xbox 360 were based on greatly customized versions of Windows, the more recent gaming consoles feature operating systems that are highly suitable with Microsoft s desktop computer os, enabling shared applications and also ease-of-development between computers and the Xbox line.

Rover Mechanic Simulator was by the Polish Studio Pyramid Games S.A. developed and published for PC in November 2020. The title is now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Rover Mechanic Simulator for 13.99 euros in Xbox Store

Look at the Launch Trailer for Rover Mechanic Simulator on Xbox:

In Rover Mechanic Simulator, you will get a taste of how it is to live on the first marskolony and work there as a mechanic responsible for the repair and maintenance of MARS-ROVER.

In the core of the game, it is about meeting different tasks: After you have incorporated you into a specific mechanical problem, you will expect you to perform an analysis, find a solution and then performs a complete repair process.

From time to time you can tinker with a 3D printer that makes you a particular part that you need for your current mission. In addition, the game itself is interspersed with hidden retro mini-games.

The game contains several well-known rover types that will surely recover space enthusiasts, including SOJOURNER, CURIOSITY, OPPORTUNITY and SPIRIT, as well as a robot helicopter: Ingenuity. Each of the models was steadily rebuilt thanks to the technical documents of the NASA. This audience led to a total of 437 items were rendered for the Curiosity Rover.

Our game combines a relaxing gameplay with educational elements. The individual vehicle models show a high degree of realism in the game. Our artists have spent several months to study the actual NASA equipment to complain as faithfully as possible. Of course we had to take some freedom to make the game fun. A good example is that the rover is designed in real life only for disposable rides. In our game, however, it is possible to repair it and make it fully functional, so we have replaced bolts by screws, for example, to enable this. , Said CEO Jacek Wyszyński of Pyramid Games.

The players have a wealth of tools available, including a 3D printer, a recycling machine, a bridge crane, a soldering iron and much more. Advances in the Rover Mechanic Simulator are reflected in a character development system with which one can earn and spend skills, as soon as you have achieved certain experience levels. According to the developers, the simulator offers at least one dozen hours relaxing fun.

Rover Mechanic Simulator Features:

Takes care of the profession of a marshmechanist
Enjoy a relaxed and educational gameplay
Works on a selection of faithfully rebuilt NASA rivers and vehicles
Designs your character with a ranking system that makes it possible to improve skills
Fulfills a wide range of varied and captivating tasks

Rover Mechanic Simulator is now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Porting for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch should appear at a later date.

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