Quantic Dream wins his judgment by defamation against Le Monde for the accusations of harassment

Quantic Dream Closes the most controversial episode of its history. As you will remember, the Detroit Company: Become Human faced several accusations of abuse and a toxic work environment by French publications Le Monde and MediaPart , which then gave rise to a demand from of Exemployed Company. On these workers, in April of this year we met that Parisian justice raised Quantic Dream and declared them innocent from the accusations. And by the part of the two means, to which the study sued by defamation three years ago, we already know the resolution.

The French study has won the judgment by defamation Against the two means, although it is a partial victory: Le Monde has been found guilty of slander Quantic Dream, but MediaPart has been exculpated of the case. This is confirmed by the French Solidaires Informatique and STJV unions, shared by Games Industry. The resolution of the trial, which took place on May 27 and 29, was released last Thursday, September 9 , although neither party had yet published the outcome.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the articles published by Le Monde and MediaPart led to the demands by several Quantic Dream employees. The study was condemned in 2019 to pay 7,000 euros to one of them by the circulation of an edited offensive image. However, this year the decision of another trial of 2018 was revoked, referring to a different employee, now giving the reason to Quantic Dream. The company resorted by the decision of the courts at that time, and justice now determines that any of circulated images were degrading, homophobic or racist.

is a step back for the benefit of the companies that sign the accusations Syndicat des Travailleurs du Jeu Vidéo on the reasons why Le Monde is condemned, but MediaPart no, is still unknown What is this difference Reviewed by French justice. From Stjv celebrate Mediapart s innocence as a recognition of seriousness and good faith of journalists work , but believe that the sentence to Le Monde is a step back for freedom of expression and for The statements of victims of sexism, sexual harassment and in general, of deplorable work environments, for the benefit of companies that they use all their resources to silence any accusation.

On the part of Quantic Dream, and beyond this trial, the French study celebrated in summer that Detroit: Become Human has sold more than 6 million games to date. This month there have appeared rumors about a possible game of Star Wars in development within the study, now that EA has lost exclusivity with space saga, but there is still nothing official about it.

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