Arminia Bielefeld Cedric Brunner s extrapolation

Cédric Brunner (birthed 17 February 1994) is a Swiss professional footballer who plays as a protector for Bundesliga club Arminia Bielefeld.

With the playful performance last at the 0: 0 against Hoffenheim, the Bielefeld could be satisfied. Satisfied? No. Personally, I m not quite satisfied, says Cedric Brunner with a view to the large number of high-profile possibilities that drive his team against the TSG. I d have liked to capture the first Bundesligasieg. We must inevitably shoot one or the other goal. With 0: 0 no team has recovered a game yet.

More chances : Brunner shows up confident

That s true and makes the situation in closer look only partially better for the Swiss. We were very tidy last year, had a lot of too zero games, highlighting the right defenders, which was 2020/21 an important factor for the surprising class yet. The crucial difference is now that we will earn much more chances of chances this season than in the last season. That s why I m confident.

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Accordingly positive, the atmosphere within the squad, so the 27-year-old, who plays his fourth season in Bielefeld and is now one of the leadership characters. Among themselves, the mood is good despite this 0: 0. As before against Gladbach, the game could have been different.

We soon or later need the first victory when we want to get the class.

Cedric Brunner

But the balance sheet with four draws and the 1: 3 at Borussia after five matchdays, Brunner agrees thoughtfully. We need the first victory earlier or later, if we want to get the class, otherwise it will be tight. His extrapolation for the renewed league: If you play a difference 34 times, it could be enough, but we have ever lost …

Arminia must increase for the great goal, especially in the dot yield, because Cedric Brunner agreed with most viewers and asks again: I think that the first victory should be retracted in the coming weeks, so it will be something

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