Life is Strange True Colors How to find all memories in Chapter 4 Guide Tips

With Life Is Strange: True Colors recently appeared the latest offshoot of the popular Adventure series. As in the predecessors, of course, you can also discover all kinds in the latest series part in the Levels, including so-called memories. We help you to find with protagonist Alex all in the 4th chapter of the Game.

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Memory No. 1: Pressed Rose

Now the Spring Festival in Haven Springs is on and at the beginning of the chapter you are in Alex Apartment. Here you can now find the first memory that hangs right from the shrine on the wall. It is a squeezed rose that you can interact with L2 + X.

Memory No. 2: Drums

The second reminder is waiting for you at the end of yourself, more precisely on stage. There Steph s drums that you need to interact to trigger the short flashback sequence.

Memory No. 3: Microphone

To unlock the next memory, you will not have to run too far. Now just go to the back of the stage and interacts there with the microphone that lies on the ground in front of you.

Memory No. 4: CIT stickers

To find the next memory, you have to leave the fixed area, because even during the celebration you can still explore the city a bit. Now run to the flower shop at the other end of the road and bends around the corner to the bridge. If you look right, you see the CIT sticker on the windowpane.

Memory No. 5: Polaroid photo

Go back the way again and enters the Black Lantern. There you can do not just talk to Duckie, but also find the last memory in the penultimate chapter of the games. Go back to the other end of the bar and interacts with the polaroid photo that hangs right on the wall.

So you have now found all memories in the 4th chapter of Life Is Strange: True Colors . If you also need help in the search for the other collective objects, then you will also like to look at our other articles to the game. Otherwise, we wish you a lot of fun with the game.

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