The Last of Us Well known cosplayer again slips into the role of Ellie

Lately, we have always presented some very talented cosplayers and their really pretty cosplay. One of these persons who often receive an appearance is the Russian cosplayer s Christina Volkova, also known as Likeassassin.

In the past, we already reported about her stunning cosplay to Ciri from The Witcher 3, which could have been smooth a screenshot from the game. Furthermore, Likeassassin is known for its Cosplays to The Last of Us, for example, with the Cosplayer s сизалтина, she stated the confrontation between Ellie and Nora.

PRETTY CIRI COSPLAY ????‍♀️ THE WITCHER TikTok Cosplayers Compilation. GOOD and HOT COSPLAY.

Today we again have a cosplay to Ellie from The Last of Us from LikEassassin for you, which looks really good as always very well. Christina Volkova is definitely a very talented cosplayer and her all images receive numerous upvotes and reddit awards on Reddit, as well as this here.

In the comments on their latest Ellie cosplay, Reddit users talk about their cosplay looks like a screenshot from the game, which is the case with very many cosplay by Likeassassin. There are still numerous other cosplays to find a wide variety of characters on your Instagram page. So she slipped into the roles of Ciri and Triss Merigold from The Witcher, Akali from League of Legends, and D.VA from Overwatch. But still much more well-known figures are part of the repertoire of LikEassassin.

A few days ago, Christina Volkova also shared a new cosplay to Ciri from The Witcher, and the figure of Gwen from Spider-Man. So if you are fans of Cosplays, then it s definitely not a bad idea to look at the work of Likeassassin.

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20.09.2021 at 19:20

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