The Great Reset What would have to do a WOW 2 0 different

The Wow! signal was a strong narrowband radio signal identified on August 15, 1977, by the Ohio State College s Huge Ear radio telescope in the United States, after that utilized to support the look for extraterrestrial intelligence. The signal appeared ahead from the instructions of the constellation Sagittarius and also birthed the expected trademarks of extraterrestrial beginning.
Astronomer Jerry R. Ehman uncovered the abnormality a few days later on while reviewing the taped information. He was so impressed by the result that he circled on the computer system hard copy the reading of the signal s intensity, 6EQUJ5 , and also created the remark Wow! beside it, leading to the event s commonly pre-owned name.The whole signal sequence lasted for the complete 72-second window during which Big Ear was able to observe it, however has not been identified considering that, in spite of numerous subsequent attempts by Ehman as well as others. Many hypotheses have been born down the origin of the discharge, including all-natural and human-made sources, however none of them appropriately describe the signal.Although the Wow! signal had no noticeable modulation– a technique utilized to transfer information over radio waves– it continues to be, since 2021, the greatest prospect for an alien radio transmission ever before discovered.

The subscriber figures for WOW stagnate according to some reports with about two million, the developer team must be partially restructured due to the action against Blizzard and in the Lore, a kind of Thanos has just been cultivated in the realm of death. This suppetal weight (the champion master) is said to fall into the hands of the biggest power in the universe, with which he can destroy everything and spread the domain of death over the whole universe.

Never before was the time in Wow better to press the RESET button to turn the game and return to old glory. But why are players actually a WOW 2.0, how would the look and what would have to do it differently than the wow we know?

Table of contents

  1. 1What a WOW 2.0 needs
  2. 2WOW needs a real Housing system
  3. 3more out of old instances, but better than Timewalking
  4. bring back fun
  5. 5A Better Level Experience
  6. 6Mehr small stories, less big story-ARC
  7. 7 from other MMORPGS claw
  8. 8FAZIT

in Unreal Engine and as a new release?

Wow in Unreal Engine 4 looks fantastic, but seems unrealistic. Source: Daniel L
New candidates on the MMO throne like New World or Ashes of Creation impress the player with a top-updated graphic. Of course, new games have ahead of the 16-year-old wow. And who has ever seen a video with a flight over Stormwind in Unreal Engine 4, such a graphic update also wishes for a possible WOW 2.0.

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But a true successor of WoW seems very unlikely, even if one often asks for many years of players, whether the developers may be secretly working on something great during the content holes of the last extensions. Or did you need to grab another team under my arms that just developed a whole new MMO? That too seems extremely unlikely despite a not very trusted Leak with exactly this theory. Rather, Wow had to restart a restart like Final Fantasy 14 with A Realm Reborn, while keeping his timeless graphics style just.

After Harscher criticism, the people of Square Enix decided to keep FFXIV in its basic form to bring out a completely revised version just under two years later, which was full. The fact that the developers of WOW can also do something like this in the way they have already proven with Cataclysm and several levels and item squishes.

What a wow 2.0 needs

The graphic or the Engine of WOW is not the problem. New animations, lighting effects and models can still be integrated into the well-known WoW engine. Of course you would have to create hand in things like the character creation hand, but it is the new systems that have brought more and more confidently and neglected worlds since Warlords of Draenor, which will be insignificant after a certain time. In these points and already existing systems, the Blizzard developers should start. So we look closer to what a wow 2 needs.

Make Azeroth Great Again

The contents of the last WOW extensions read almost all identical: four to six new mini zones, a few new dungeons, three new raids. Well, it attracts how we can read on the monthly active users from the Blizzard Finance Report, hardly anyone hardly anyone out of the oven. These are the same few contents, the same foreseeable patch cycles, while Azeroth and the zones set in the previous extensions are broke. This is a huge unused potential. In a WOW 2.0, the entire game world – and thus we mostly believe in azeroth s eastern kingdoms as well as Kalimdor – are filled with life again.
The world needs more events, even if you recycle. Source: MMO world
What reads better: Here you have a few new zones and dungeons and X complicated systems or The whole damned WOW world now offers more content ? Wow, players have to go out more into the world again, with new and popular zone events such as the attacks from Legion, which are constantly changing and that each week bring other elements and challenges.

The weekly quest should not mean clasp four mythical dungeons or Your pet will receive the triple XP , but This week alternately grab N zoth, the warriors of light and the South Sea pirates the coasts of Azeroth or Deathwinge Returns in area xy . Associated with meaningful activities and great rewards WoW 2.0 could return the MMO feeling. So that works, however, two things must be given.

1. Better server structure and lifting of the fractions

Faction war beautiful and good, but the cleavage of the players makes no sense. Source: MMO world
Wow has two negative aspects in the large MMO world exclusively. First, already 30 players on a pile bring the respective zone to the lubricating. And secondly: I can not play with my friends when they dear Orcs gamble instead of night elves. Wow players have found themselves with these two aspects, but in the MMO world, this is completely insanity. Phasing, sharding and how the systems may all be called, the developers have been lazy.

In a phase you rarely see more than 20 players. This is because events such as in Nazjar with 30 people – where sharding is emanated by creating RAIDs – or when the World Boss in the Schlund the game is already unplayable. In the case of Schlund-Weltboss Mor Geth, even the entire Zone Korthia, as long as the fight takes place against the MOB.

To the article: WOW: Help cry The top US guilds in the face of fractional weight weight

No other MMO has such server problems. An MMO of high player activity lives in a zone. Nobody expects that in a Massenzerg from 80V80 no rucklers arise, but for a WOW 2.0 the servers would have to be able to bear significantly more game numbers per area when the world should be filled with life again.

Even though a lot about the war between Allianz and Horde and the faction center turns into WoWS Lore, both factions have already laid down the weapons several times and allied together. The countless problems, which brings the fraction separation with it, we do not want to ride here. At the look at this problem, you have to kick out about his WoW bubble and keep in mind that you can not play MMO with my friend, if this elves may like, but you prefer to play Orc ..

Developers close a WOW 2.0
Of course, the developers of WOW also had to ask the question of a WOW 2.0. Ex-WOW designer John State did not give much hope against the magazine Gamingbolt: There is little sense to make a successor if the developers can instead publish live updates instead. In my opinion, you can use Cataclysm (or any other extension ) Designate as successor. I doubt strongly that Blizzard ever will make a WOW 2.

It is just a little useful for business perspective – especially as things like WoW Classic can split the WoW audience. Game Director Ion Hazzikostas has a clear opinion on this topic: In many ways, we treat each new extension as a successor to wow . For Hazzikostas, the developers will reinvent the wheel already with every extension. This explains the many new systems with which players must make clear with every new expansion. However, opinions can sometimes change sometime …

2 . Make more things account

The countless resources, factions and systems in WOW suck the player lust in the game out of the soul. So we would like to try the Nebelwalker monk and even have them on the maximum level. Fully motivated on stage 60, however, we have to put ourselves alone in patch 9.1 the two Korthia call grinds, the Torghast Soul Gluten Grind, the Sanctum Splitter Grind and the Stygian Glut Grind, which is our small fog work Leave directly. To be nearly on the stand of our main character, we must first have six to eight weeks of various resources.

Do not go wrong, you should do something for good equipment, but we have already done the whole stuff x times with our main characters. The activation of all resources, commerowns and also gold should simply be Account Wide per server. At the present time, in which we are now confronted with over 50 resources, fabrics, territory and everything can be scattered on a tens of characters, and it needs addons for it to keep the overview of it, it simply needs much more freedoms for players .

3 . Removes talents, playings or both

Many of the ambitious systems of a WOW extension fail to the meantime 36 playwise or seem to claim as much work that one can not focus on the important things of the add-on. This may ultimately ensure that planned content is not realized. There are also 21 talents, of which rarely never changed one of them. Together, these show 36 plays and 21 talents multiplied together 756 small components that need to be considered at each medium, each new attack, any legendary, set items, in the PVP, every boss fight and much more content of the game.
The Great Reset – What would have to do a WOW 2.0 different? (2) Source: MMO world
In our opinion, this is at least the reason why so few new classes can be added in Wow. It s like a cumbersome collapsed program code: each new line in the 756 lines class code throws everything over the pile and brings the system to crash. For many players, it would be a shock to say goodbye to beloved matches. But a WoW character could play outstandingly without spec and talents. Instead of talents, the character would simply get a few unique (!) Skills more who represent his class and the choice of the specs would only be a small aspect that would give the class a bit more spice.

That something is possible and the game is not completely boring, shows Final Fantasy. In the Square-Enix MMORPG, not only a character can exercise all classes, but there are neither talent trees nor special specs for the class. The ways in itself are also without additional systems such as talents, glyphs or specific specifies Easy to Learn, but Hard to Master.
Did the Chairman power to reset Azeroth? Source: MMO world

4 . Make manufacturing professions more important

In addition to alchemy and enchantment art, all other occupations in WoW play a more subordinate role. Just not legendary blanks as needed in Shadowlands, you can confidently ignore professions that make equipment. Wow has forgotten sometime in contrast to other MMORPGs that manufacturing professions should not necessarily be able to produce the best endgame items, but at least halfway useful equipment for non-raiders must offer.

Equipment over occupations is a simple catch-up mechanism for beginners and returners, it drives players in the world in search of resources, turns the economy, assumes gold from the game and ensures more game interactions. Not to come up with a new catch-up mechanism for each new content update, the developers also relieves.

The fact that Blizzard points out this idea with the introduction of the paints of the craftsman in Shadowlands, but the implementation is too hesitant and half-gardens. Produced items may also like to represent the best items for the current RAID animal. The forging weapons made of TBC or small parts of Classic have shown that this is not a leg break – on the contrary.

WOW needs a real housing system

Yes, for some is the topic Housing an oller theme, because many think, Wow would come without this feature. And at all, what should Housing bring the game at all? Away from the many possibilities for RP enthusiasts and the unlimited things that could be produced by occupations for their own four WoW walls, a reasonable Housing system would bring back an important aspect to the game, which has been buried at the latest since Wotlk – ambition.
The garrison and her two statues are not really for Housing. Source: MMO world
Did not you look in Wow Classic a completely dressed in Animal 2 players in the capital and thought Wow, as great as I want to be ? Or the villains in TBC with his two war glelles stared at and thought What a God Gamer! ? This aspiration has gone lost over the years. This is not just the Transmog system, but also because of the success of the success window – what anyone looks at – no real indication of what has really done a character really.

And no, the pet statue as well as those of Gul dan and Khadgar in the garrison, which by the way has little with Housing, do not count. Imagine, as a newbie invites you a veteran in his retreat and you can marvel at statues that reflect his experience in Wow and move you through its magnificent chemes, which he could equip them due to his excellent crafts. Also in this way, Housing could reward the ambition of the players and spur them to spend more time in Wow.

Rauset more from old instances, but better than Timewalking

In addition to a complex Housing system, WOW 2.0 likes to look out the scaling system for dungeons of FFXIV. In addition to the open world of World of Warcraft (Buy Now 14.99 €), the unused dungeons of WoW spider weave. During the level phase, old instances still have their benefits, but also here the rigid level limits of individual dungeons have a big blemish:
Old dungeons are used in Wow only during the Level phase. Source: MMO world
New players can not play with experienced players, unless the experienced player does not create a character on the same level. And then the WoW veterans complain, why none of the newcomers learn more the game reasonably learns. A scaling system, which sets high-stage characters to the level of the dungeon, would give a great sense. Thus, more players could match, the waiting times on a dungeonrun would be shortened and veterans could help the young Wow blood to get root of the game from old instances, but better than Timewalking next to a complex Housing system, WOW 2.0 likely likes the scaling Toow the system for dungeons from FFXIV.

Lichtblick Legion-M +
With Legion-mythical-Plus-time migration dungeons you are already on a good way to scalable instances and slaughter trains at Blizzard.
In addition to the open world of World of Warcraft, the unused dungeons of WoW spider weave. During the level phase, old instances still have their benefits, but also here the rigid level limits of individual dungeons have a great blemish: new players can not play with experienced players, unless the experienced player does not create a character on the same level. And then the WoW veterans complain, why none of the newcomers learn more the game reasonably learns. A scaling system, which sets high-stage characters to the level of the dungeon, would give a great sense.

Thus, more players could match, the waiting times on a dungeonrun would be shortened and veterans could help the young Wow blood to be introduced to the game. The system would be a kind of timewalking mode for everything, only without the rendered restrictions for legendary, set bonuses and more. With these restrictions, one takes only the players the fun, which by the way should be significantly more in the foreground.

bring back the fun

More fun areas like the gold saucer in FFXIV would also wow well. Source: MMO world
When was the last time in WoW? So right? What was the last little or great feature that has conjured you away from the endgame or a rare drop a grin in the face? Except for some mini games about world quests, we can not remember at least. Probably it was the visits to the dark moon year market, which are for several years. Away from small Gimmicks Wow offers no special fun activities at the maximum level.

The largest feature is the dark moon year market, which has already existed since Wow Classic, but to a few small updates is more likely to be treated. The endgame everyday life of the WoW player usually looks so that some Daily Hub is defrosted and the rest of the content is hidden behind TimeGating. Other games have Jumping puzzles, mount race or even entire casinos with countless mini games. Wow does not always have to be heroic or gloomy, Blizzard. Please return the fun with more features like the dark moon year market.

A Better Level Experience

The free trial for Wow would have to go beyond level 20. Source: Blizzard
The level phase in WoW is now only an annoying evil to play the right game on the maximum level. Apart from the fact that it is difficult to explain new players to Wow s great storybow in a short time. The chromium time is at least a halfway good alternative, but you have to start in the style of play during the level phase. Characters have to get much more exciting skills as the two buttons, which they press to Level 20.

Even darker is currently looked when looking at the talents. A new character must levels until level 15 so that he can choose the first boring talent. The next talent ten stages later is usually not more exciting. Only close to the end games manages skills and talents that make up the class.

Until then, a beginner has already lost the motivation and made a clear negative image. So you certainly lure no young blood to Azeroth and Wow will stay a boomer MMO . Another point where WOW needs to start for beginners is the free possibility to play the game. Free2play until level 20 is now simply not up to date after the level squish on level 60.

As mentioned, the player never learns the first proper skills in the old-baked skills and talent system, which make up his class. Here, the maximum level would have to be raised at least ten, if not even 30 stages. Free2play until level 50? That sounds absurd, but players would make the endgame tasty and more likely to lead to a subscription degree than the current F2P experience.

More small stories, less big story-ARC

For a large story-ARC it is probably too late for WOW. The 16-year-old story is just too big. None of the new players will ever learn who are Ragnaros, C Thun or the many other villains and heroes of past enlargements.

That s not good, because so you split the experienced you do not know how that used to be player and the newcomers. Unfortunately, Blizzard has built a lot with the ever-new – partially connected stories. Suiting the story so that they can be told during the level phase, would be too much demands, but instead of putting so much energy on the great story-ARC, Blizzard should focus on the small stories again and the player character himself again in the foreground move. Best example, why you should do that is Patch 9.1 of Shadowlands.
Small stories can tell Blizzard well, the great storybow rather not like that. Source: MMO world
The storylines in Californian Irvine already know two or more years in advance how the story should develop with all their turns and surprises. This often does not cause players to torture to torture and some history strands make sense only at the end of the expansion. For example, for example, you do not know for four years later, what Sylvanas actually has or why Tyrande reacts to how it does it in a narrow Cinematic.

In small dialogues such as Uther in Korthia or the short quest with Thrall and Draka in the Schlund, there are more unique story content taught within a few minutes than in five cinematics that are distributed over several years. On this short but clear story snippets, Blizzard would have to fall back more often to tell better stories. The highest of the feelings would be a kind of story mode for each RAID that allows the player to perform, for example, RAIDS such as the molten core with a group of NPCs to get at least one impression of how the raid looked at that time. In the same breath, you could also replace this mode through the LFR and players who want to get to know the story of the current Content, saving the annoying visit to the raid browser.

Competition leads to innovation
The pressure of the coming MMORPGs like New World and Ashes of Creation makes hope that Blizzard WoW is back to Genre Primus.

Claw from other MMORPGS

Previously, Wow was known to claw things from other MMORPGs, better to copy and cut on Wow. It was obvious, but there was no problems as long as the features arrived well. Be it weekly quests (The Old Republic), Quest Tracker and World Marker (Guild Wars), the Dampening debuff in the Arena (The Old Republic) or even Phasing (HDRO, Guild Wars 2).

Blizzard has served on so many features from other games and mostly implemented them even better for WOW. Why not return to? Is one have become too fine as a longtime Genre Primus? With the Housing, the Level Sync, fun activities outside the end games and a better crafting system, we have already enumerated three things in this text, which makes FFXIV much better than WOW. The fact that Square Enix with his MMORPG graves more and more players has a reason. So steal what you can, Blizzard!


Wow can continue to be designed for a few hardcore raiders and grind-happy players, but it has to be able to bring more life into the world, to employ players with meaningful activities, to revive the community and bring the fun to World of Warcraft . Fortunately, no new WoW 2.0 needs for that, because despite the large construction sites, World of Warcraft is already excellently positioned in many areas without any major changes. In Wow there are the best RAIDs and dungeons in the industry and also the art team and the PVP are absolute tip in the MMO world of Blizzard. It can be built on it, but a big change is still necessary. The links marked with are affiliate links. Affiliate links are no ads because we are independent in the search and selection of the presented products. For product sales, we receive a small commission, with which we partially finance the free content of the website.

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