Lehnis Gate Strategic Shooter for the PS5 confirmed New trailer

Already in the summer of last year, Frontier Foundry and the developers of RATLOOP Games Canada announced the ongoing work on Lehnis Gate .

After the strategic shooter confirmed first for the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, was announced at the start of the new week that the new consoles PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X / S are supplied with LEBNIS GATE . The release on all platforms will be done according to official information during the summer.

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A strategy shooter in a time loop

The announcement was accompanied for the new consoles from a fresh trailer in which a little closer to the basic game mechanics and the most important features is discussed. According to official information, Lehnis Gate sees itself as a lap-based strategy ego shooter in a time loop. Your task is to defeat your reseller with style and sophistication in a 25-second time loop with five alternating trains in four-dimensional struggles.

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Lehnis Gate plays over time and combines round-based strategy with tactical egoshooter gameplay to provide incredibly intensive multiplayer experience. If you fall in the four-dimensional struggle and evidence that you do not only consist of muscles, the developers perform.

For the necessary playful variety, different agents with individual strengths and abilities will be provided in Lehnis Gate .

Further messages on Lehnis Gate.

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