WoW Patch 9 1 5 Soon you come from 0 on a glory 40 in one second

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WoW players should be clear with patch 9.1.5 easier than before to change their pact. Therefore, the developers on the PTR have introduced a new item that gives you a decent boost for the glory levels and that you can buy for relatively little gold. However, the thing has a small hook.

Pact made easy made

The DataMiners have discovered an object called Broker Mark of DistinctInction on the Test Server for Patch 9.1.5, which you can buy for 500 gold pieces at a dealer in Oribos. The corresponding NPC is currently located near the airmard, but it is still a placeholder, which is why its location can change until the release of patch 9.1.5.

The Broker Mark of Distinction increases your glory at Pact of your character directly to third place, as soon as you use the item. Because this token is an account-bound object, you can send the item to both your twinks as well as for your main character, if you perform a packing change and start again on glory 1.

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However, you have to fulfill a prerequisite before you can buy the Broker Mark of Distinction in Oribos: At least one of your characters must have reached the glory 80 at his respective pact. So you do not get the item without having earned you a maximum of your pact before. However, since the achievement of glory 80 is not too much challenge, it will ultimately be relatively easy to enjoy a chic fame boost for twinks and pcsters.

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