Borderlands 3 Mayhem 2 0 Detailed adds 25 modifiers

It is together with a new event in April, Revenge of the Cartels.

Gearbox Software has a lot to offer Griften 3 in the coming days. Liebe, weapons and tentacles , the next paid DLC for the looter shooter, is available tomorrow with an increase in the level upper limit. The players now have a maximum level of 57, whereby four other skill points can be awarded.

But that’s not all. Mayhem 2.0 will go live in April and this time it is divided into 10 different levels with 25 modifiers. Changing the Chaos mode is now possible via the ECHO menu. Depending on the difficulty choosing the players, you will receive a better prey. It is very similar to diablo 3’s torment and greater cracks ensure a linear history curve.

Revenge of the Cartels, a new event, will also live live next month. Players will accept missions to kill different enemies before they finally travel to The Mansion to fight against gangs. The event lasts six weeks and offers new anointed parts, although the players can deactivate it. Further information can be found in the coming weeks.

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