Trove Bard class now available for PlayStation and Xbox

Gamigo announces that the Bard is now available for the console capture of the popular Voxel MMOS Trove. From today, players can hatch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S in the role of the latest class of the game. As a bard you can rake neatly and support your group so and heal.

The new bard class can now run on several platforms stylish moves and catchy songs into numerous powerful abilities in order to support fellow combatants in combat. Players can face the new class the dangers in countless procedures generated worlds with a variety of magical skills. Who wants to climb in the Rockolymp, can unlock the Bard either by crafting at Chaos Crafter or about one of the new Bard packs.

With today’s update, a new craft stage is introduced in Crystallogy, the BardManCologist. This area makes it possible to establish allies, ribs, wings and impressive costumes for the bard class. Groupies are not included, because real rockers crafted no groupies – they earn themselves.

TROVE | CONSOLE UPDATE IS OUT NOW! | Bard & Chloromancer

With the publication of the Bard on consoles, players can now choose from 17 individual classes, including the heroic Vanguardian, the magical chloromancer and many more. Through the growing selection of classes in Trove, every type of player comes at its expense. In addition, it is possible to switch between the classes at any time during the game, whereby everyone has the choice to lead fights according to his gusto. If it comes hard on hard, players can also easily rise on a dragon equipped with a flame aller to show their enemies that they mean seriously.

Nintendo Switch owners still need to be a little patient until the bard enters the stage on their platform.

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