5 Tips to win close match for free fire players

The Fire Force manga collection features an extensive actors of personalities created by Atsushi Ōkubo. Although indigenous type of Japanese name follows the Eastern name order (household name, provided name), the personalities names in the collection comply with the Western name order (given name, family members name). As an example in Shinra Kusakabe (森羅 日下部), where the provided name, Shinra (森羅), is composed before the surname, Kusakabe (日下部).

Close-Range encounter in Free Fire is some fierce firefights which will face the player during a match. The opponents blown the guns, and the players become overwhelmed throughout the moment and often become confused.

However, it should not be because knocking opponents on the nearby border is an easy task, provided players have enough weapons and essential things to deal with danger.

Top 5 Tips to Win Completely in Free Fire

5) Try to find a cover or deploy a glu wall

One of the most important things that free fire players need to do during a close-range fight, he is looking for cover, or deploy a glue wall to achieve the cover. This will get some time to save the players from your next step and save them from being damaged.

Once in a defensive situation, the player can then shoot back on the opponent, or can attack counter-attack. Although it may be risky, counter attacking will work amazing because the opponent will not expect it.

4) If possible, rotate the enemy player

Although players are often dropped below the fire during the fight of a close border, strives to roam around the enemy or to rotate them from behind.

Although this strategy is dangerous, when successfully done, the player will get upper hands in the match, and will be left without the means of avoiding their opponents or fight effectively.

3) Deploy smoke to hide and break the eyes of the enemy player

During the nearby fight in the free fire, the player can deploy smoking to confuse the enemy and break their vision. Often, seeing the smoke, the enemies are either retreat or set fire to it in the hope of harm.

Sadly, firing in smoke is mostly a waste of ammunition, because the goal can not be achieved within the cloud of the smoke. On the other hand, the player can drop the vision below the smoke and can shoot back on opponents to deal with damage.

2) Use the shotgun for maximum damage

The best weapon class in Free Fire is undoubtedly shotgun to use during the closed-range invoice. Although it has a very less effective limit, it can face huge losses in the same shot.

The goals of which players are stable and they are skilled in weapons, most players can easily drop down with a well-placed headshot. Mastering in the shotgun will be a major decisive factor in the result of nearby fight.

1) Move during shooting

One of the most important things that remember during the joining in the Close Range Combat in Free Fire is going on during the shoot. Taking less damage than the incoming fire, it will ensure that the fight is concerned with the players.

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Although a place will stand up and get more accuracy, it will be safe by moving forward. Given that the distance between players and opponents will not be very high, the target penalty should be negligible from the movement.

Edited by Siddhartha Satish

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