How to Free All In Control Emotions In This Week Free Fire

Moko: The rebirth program is running free fire and will mark the beginning of the awakening Version. As a result of these events, a nearby cosmetics has been added to the parachute skins, surfboards and more, which will definitely attract the players.

Many of these items are available for free from various, while others need to use diamonds for others. The new Cyber ​​Rocker offers an exciting set of event items.

Getting All In Control Emotions in Free Fire

All in control emotions are the grand prize in the Cyber ​​Rocker Star Event launched on September 13, 2021. Users have the opportunity to get special expressions by spending diamonds by September 19, 2021.

In this new event, Gamers should get a chance to earn themed cosmetics. Like the Fed Wheel, after receiving an item once in this new program, the Grand Prize will replace it.

Significantly, once all five Grand Prize has been included in the pool. No other item will be added and the player can continue spinning for the opportunity to win them all.

Additionally, the cost of receiving the award will increase with each subsequent spin until it is not limited to a certain price. The cost is as follows:

First Spin: Free
Second spin: 20 diamonds
Third spin: 40 diamonds
Fourth spin: 60 diamonds
Fifth Spin: 80 Diamonds
6-10th spin: 100 diamonds

Consequently, they will be able to get all the prizes from this incident for 700 diamonds, which undoubtedly provides an excellent value to users.

Comat Pool

There are rewards for Cyber-Rocker Star Event in Free Fire:

Piece cube
Weapon Royale Voucher (ended by October 31, 2021)
AI Gun Box
Party Animal Gun Box
Diamond Royal Voucher (Expiry up to 31 October 2021)
Motor Bike – Moko Month
Plasma Ball Smash Box
August – Cosmic Teleportia
Moko’s Arch
All in control emotion

Step 1: First of all, the users will have to open the event section and then click on the news section.

Step 2: They can select cyber-rocker and tap on the Go-to-button.

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Step 3: After the event interface opening, the player can spin to receive the award.

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