40 years old game can be played for the first time it was missing a 0

Do you know the game Arctic Adventure? If so, what to doubt, then you never played it through. Because a small typo in the code made it unplayable for 40 years.

Do not even take the shovel anymore

Well, 40 years ago games were still a bit different. It’s actually just small differences: the graphic had ahead in your head, while you have given the computer with words a few commands. Exactly, I speak of Textadventures – because Arctic Adventure , the icy textplay of the developer Harry McCracken, was published in 1981 on the microcomputer TRS-80 (one of the first home computers at all) and then lost.

Prologue - We Are Ready to Go!  S01 intro - Wilbur's Arctic Adventure!

When McCracken then before a while – not 40 years ago, but now – the game again, he wanted to install the nostalgic game on his homepage so it could be played again. He fell on that Arctic Adventure had a small problem. He leads on his amusing homepage:

It came out that there was a typo from 1981 , which consisted of a single, missing 0. It was such a fundamental glitch that he made the game in English unplayable. You could not even take shovel or play through the adventure.

Typos after 40 years fixed so you can play it now

McCracken can not explain the mistake because he has tested the game during programming itself. At least but the problem seemed to be fixed quickly, because Arctic Adventure is now in full on McCrackens side acrtic81 playable .

Acrtic Adventure vampes to you in the middle of an icy landscape from which you have to escape. The goal: reach the next basis and not freeze. And you do not even need to perform an installation; You can get in the browser in the icy adventure.

Only hardcore fans can answer these questions

Incidentally, McCracken has also made a few improvements to Arctic Adventure, after all, it’s never too late for that.

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