Despite unsuitable memories of Gladbach Kramer announces Brige and Rotzfreche Bielefelder

We missed it back then to put your own accents. We have to do that completely different now, says Kramer. Honestly, I have to say that we were disordered at the end of April in the defensive and very faulty forward. It was a used day. The 49-year-old will have drawn his teachings from the game, he looks positively in the future. Because the start of his team was okay . It must be the goal to build on the good second half against Frankfurt, explains Kramer. We want to be brave and Rotzfrech. If we manage that, we will make good games, and that will be reflected in positive results. In Mönchengladbach, the Arminia coach wants to see a team that holds properly and intensively plays against the ball. We want to play robust and compact on the one hand, on the other hand, we want to look for our opportunities.


Kramer Bang for U-21 European Champion Pieper

However, Kramer bangs to center defending Amos Pieper. The U-21 European Champion, which in the defense center has normally safe in the defense center, has committed an ankle violation during a training accident. It’s completely open if Amos can play, says Kramer, who has three alternatives at hand: the latest new entry Andres Andrade, Guilherme Ramos and Nathan de Medina. Andrade would be athletic the best choice, but the 22-year-old Panamani national player has just discovered three games in the World Cup qualifier in Central America, training units with his new team are in short supply. He’s good in rhythm and had success experiences with Panama, says Kramer. We have to look like fresh he is. Definitely, new addition Edimilson Fernandes, who is not ready after a fluful infection, and Sebastian Vasiliadis.

Anyone who will force on Sunday as left-back in the Arminia team is still open. Jacob Laursen had to step after the Frankfurt game because of a whiplash a little shorter, meanwhile, the Dane is back fully on the dam. Lennart Czyborra, however, scarrows with the hooves and is hot on his first start-up set after he had leased well. The competition is there – and it is important that we have him, explains Kramer. Nobody should be sure. Both option we would feel good.

Kramer for kick-off time: I would not like to get used to it either

Kramer expressed himself in the press conference in front of the Gladbach game for the late stopping time of the encounter on Sunday at 19.30. That’s getting used to. If I am honest, I would not like to get used to it either, explains the Bielefelder Chef coach. We are dependent on the television terminations and that we also have to accept. Of that, the clubs live. We are glad that the Monday appointment is gone, if everything else would become a bit more reputation, and Sunday is around Not, of course, it would be ideal. We have to take it so, and if we can do a good game for our fans on Sunday night, we did everything right.

If the Arminia brings the fourth draw in the fourth season game, she would set a club record. Only from May to August 2008 the DSC played four times in series draw.

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