Frontier Foundry, the Publishing Label of Frontier Developments PLC, announces that the award-winning Koop Platformer Struggling, which was developed by the Montreal-based Studio Chasing Rats Games, is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Launch Trailer can be seen here:

The players take control of the arms of the meaty Helens troy in Struggling in his search for the legendary Abomination Gods . Whether in single player or coop mode, the game tests the coordination skills of the players to their limits, while at the same time with riddles in ever bizarre environments.

The unique, eye-catching style of Struggling combines elements of Comedy and Horror to make the players dive into a fun, but also disturbing world – from gloomy laboratories to infinite canyons to irritating fever dreams. The shaky protagonist must always solve more demanding, physics-based puzzles and overcome with the help of swinging and sluggishness with ineffably disgusting waste, use a considerable amount of heavy machinery and explore every angle of the world in search of sent hats.

Just as every laboratory experiment with a bit of self-purpose is also troy a constantly mutating character. The players free up a series of skills that dramatically change the gaming experience while moving into ever-tricky environments. These include, among other things, the slow motion to avoid quickly moving hazards or to get them on them or even removable arms with which Troy can spectacular-scary around or crawl. In addition, the ability to remove his limbs and to be able to plant in the environment to use levers or troy (ie themselves) to reach the hand.

Here is the first 20 minutes from the game to see:

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