Orthodox Meiji appeared in a long time Roll Shinmo Bex Skillpet Disclosure

The League of Legend (hereinafter referred to hereinafter referred to as a new champion Bex , which is receiving a lot of interest immediately after disclosure of unique cute, was released.

Riot Games released a new champion ‘Bex’ skillset through the official website of the 8th, the official website. Beckes are characterized by the shadow champion of the shadow, and the champion of the shadow, the depression is a loud voice and sleepy eyes. She appeared for the first time through the emergency event of the survey, she is also a cooperator of the rain. Unlike her cute appearance, the whole world is hiding the ignorant stomach that the whole world is depressed and desperate.

Beckes have a regular magical character character that appeared in a long time, she has passive and wide-area projection attacks, survival, and rushes that interfere with enemy movers. Herbes her passive skill is ‘ruin’ and ‘depression’. Her first passive ruin is strengthened to interfere with the basic skills excluding the ultimate group and to make fear. The second passive depression is a technique that imparts depression marking when the enemy champion uses the mover. If the marker attacks the remaining enemy, additional damage is caused, and the latency of the ruin passive decreases.

Q Skill ‘Fog Arrow’ is a wide area attack that can be easily seen in other wizard champions. The wave fired through the enemy, and the wave is slowly advanced instead of slowing the speed at the beginning, and after a while, the width is narrowed and the speed is faster. Passive is activated when you hit the enemy with depression marking.

W Skill ‘Distance’ is a technique that gains black shields when used as a survivor of Beck and is a technique to suffer magic damage to the enemies. If you use it with the first passive ruin, which is the first passive ruin, which is the immediate range of scope, which is the first passive skill, Street Positioning Skills can also burn depression markings.

E skill ‘big darkness’ is a technique that can only leave a depression marking among skills. When using the position specified in use, the shadow is given to the position where the shadow arrives. You can leave the depression marking with slowing all the enemies in the range, and the more explosive ranges are closed as you attack the distant place.

The ultimate, ‘Shadow Waves’ is a technology that impersonates magical damage to the champion to the champion to blow the shadow forward. Reusing the skills to reuse the signatures that the markers are fully damaged by the remaining, and if you die in an enemy of the event, the ultimate can be used again. In Hanta, you can use the ultimate group to utilize the enhanced W to utilize the enhanced W to make it utilized.

Bex is scheduled to be released on September 22, 11.19 patch.

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