Steam Beautiful Girl Shot Martha in Sweeping Tie is dedicated to the party sacrifice

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Marfusha, Martha developed by Japan Independent Developer Hinyari9 (Martha), has been listed on steam in the past few days ago. This is a girl is the main role of tower defense clear version shooting Japan Independent .

The background of Martha of Shuned Iron is set in the most powerful country, the protagonist Martha is enrolled by the country, and is forced to separate and defend the wall, block the enemy invasion. However, the country is extremely unsatisfactory, and a pistol will give you a bunch of robots, not only harsh, but also earn yourself.

So how do you play? Put the enemy that has been from the right, it is right, playing like the early Flash. As long as the door behind it is not being broken by the enemy, if the door is hurt, each wave of settlement will be deducted.

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After each wave, you will randomly give you three options. You can improve the ability of attacks, ejaculation, shooting, shot (can also take …. Puppy?) Or skip money. In addition to the ability, weapons, auxiliary props and hiring teammates will also appear.

Teammates are very useful, and the money is kept in the lowest possible to buy teammates, because buying the same teammates can upgrade the level, but teammates can only have one. However, the three elections of the Japan Independent are really random, sometimes waiting for a long time, other arms are three pairs, your choice is not.

The overall content of the whole content is small, although it is simple and refreshing, but the medium will be slightly monotonous, mainly watching various character interactive sales. After 10 days (wave number), it will return home to rest, and you can appreciate some healing little animation.

In addition to the main story, in the challenge mode, you can also unlock the role in Martha. Each ability is different, and there is a different performance in the room like a drink.

For the whole, this is difficult, but it is relatively simple, but the price is not high, it is often playing tips, complex Japan Independents, it is good, and you can enjoy the exquisite sister.

It’s a pity that these fine settings are actually very potential. Although independent development is not easy, it still hopes that the author will add more content.

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