The Star Wars Table of Stern Pinball is the subject of a new design of the comic strip

The Stern Pinball team experienced a recent boom with his pinball designs, but one of the most remarkable is _to the stars. It pays tribute to the cinematographic trilogy which triggered everything for the franchise. And now, just in time for New York Comic-Con, Stern has redesigned the table, using a classic comic book.

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Set up by Randy Martinez, who worked on several caricatures and guers of stars Kids magazine over the years. He provided an essential art at the table, which you can see in the images below. As fans can see it, this includes both a new design of the neat rear window, a redesigned table and lateral artistic arrangements.

Flipper fans and Star Stars_ will be impressed by this hand drawn artwork. It is beautiful and captures a real guerres of stars fans might always want in their pinball, said Gary Stern, President and Chief Executive Officer of Stern Pinball, Inc.

The game always includes the same table design as the original game, but this is a thing designed for comics followers. And it gives a small neat touch to the game, although some prefer the classic Star Stars-Action Stars. No matter how you go, it’s a fun pinball to play at home or in your local arcade room.

Pro and Premium Tables are available for purchase, from $ 7,599. Of course, they may not be cheap, but with stars of the fans, they are only the, ahem, force they need for their playroom.

Learn more about the pinball and where to order the official page of the Flipper Stern.

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