The latest buffs and Nerfs of Rumble Stars were revealed by the Frogmind Studios

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The last season of Rumble Stars is coming to an end and that can only mean one. It’s time to polish and refine a variety of rumbler before the next season starts.

This week, there is a good mix of increases and diminutions of rumbler statistics, some being easily improved. It was also tried to make some rumblers balanced like the hipdozer and at the same time encourage players to use others, such as the legendary unicorn.

A complete list of changes made for the coming year can be found below:


Mass + 20%
Speed ​​+ 10%
Size + 8%
Field time 26s – 23s
Spin distance -5%
Stamina -10%

Sniper Wolf

Stamina + 15%
Field time 17.5s – 19s

Faster monkey

Field time 8s – 9s
Mass + 15%
Shot power + 3%
Speed ​​+ 5%


Field time -6%

smarter fox

Shot power + 15%
Stamina -7%

sticky buffer

Size + 5%

crazy cat

Shot power + 10%
Speed ​​+ 10%
Field time 20s to 19s
Hitschaden -20%

charming unicorn

The energy costs were returned from 6-5
Field time 17s – 15S
Spin distance -40%

In the meantime, the reckless pig was changed so that it does not fall so easily into the gate. Instead of being a statistical change, it is more of a buff that fixes his Ki. I am sure that this will be a good news for the regular use of the pig.

Personally, I am very pleased that the sniper wolf receives a buff. It’s definitely one of the rumbler, who has given me most goals in my admittedly lackluster Rumble Stars career. However, I am not quite convinced that it needed the boost.

Elsewhere there were some flat buffs for almost monkey, less the reduced field time. But since this is a pretty strong rumbler anyway, when used in the right situation, I doubt that 1 second less field time keeps the temporal monkey from being a good card.

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Rumble Stars is now available on the APPSTORE and Google Play. It is a free game where you can win in-app purchases.

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