Rainbow Six Siege will AFK

Inrainbow Six victories are afk players a nuisance. Therefore, the developers want to go more against them and also an automated system is in development. But many players goes much more to the mind

What is the problem with AFK players? In Rainbow Six Victories are AFK players a nuisance. These are players who use a bot that does not do anything, except and turn to shoot and turn around a little bit. Otherwise, the figure remains simply and does not play constructively in the game.

However, this brings the user of the afk bot but nevertheless points at the end of the round, so he can gradually rise in place. This is used mainly by chatters to provide replacement accounts with high levels, which can then immediately use a spell to continue playing and cheating.

However, the players in rounds with such AFK users are the layered mouths, because in a team shooter it depends on all optimally working together. An afk player means that one is strong in the undernoon and probably loses.

What do the developers want to do about it? As such actions are unfair and ruin the game for all others, developers have announced measures. According to a message on Twitter, the developers now want to be reinforced against players, which are deliberately AFK.

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First you will share manual bans and also asks the community to diligent help. Later you will check methods how to automatically recognize and ban on Afkler.

AfK player nerves, but many users have a problem with MNK on Xbox or PlayStation

How do players react? The cheers of the community to the announcement was rather behavior. While the users will surely find AFK players stupid and see the measure as a step in the right direction, most comments complain on Twitter a completely different problem in Rainbow Six victories.

What bothers players more than AFK? For a large part of the users in the comments under the developer announcement, Mnk-Cheating is a much bigger problem than AFK players.

Under MNK, Mouse and Keyboard is understood. This refers to players connecting a mouse and keyboard to a console and playing it. This is according to many players on the consoles cheating, as this input method has a great advantage in the control and shooting.

That’s why many comments read like this selection here:

  • Scarn (via Twitter): Manual bans for that, but not for MNK? Good to see where the priorities are.
  • Diegocanales (via Twitter): And when are sanctions for people who use mouse and keyboard on the console?
  • Jai Boi (Via Twitter): No, no, no, let’s say. Fix only MNK player on the consoles, that’s cheating!

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Therefore, there will still be much to do: But so many players annoys the MNK game, it will not be much to do. Because how many users show in the comments, this is nothing what the developers can change at Ubisoft.

Rather, the console manufacturers would have to develop Microsoft and Sony a measure that prevents input over mouse and keyboard. The developers at Rainbow Six Victories can not do this.

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