COD Warzone CrossSplay just annoys and that s not at cheaters

MeinmMo author Maik Schneider is actually a fan of the platform-crossing game, the so-called CrossSplay. But what because BeCod: Warzone and probably also happened at Call of Duty: Vanguard, he just finds annoying.

Although the technique for CrossSplay has long been present, it took until the end of 2019 and the start of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare until the first really big game with CrossSplay came to the PlayStation. The dam was broken, also because COD and Sony entered a close partnership. That was really good for me as a pure console player.

But now, almost 2 years later, my initial pleasure is gone over the new feature. To see how players on console and PC gamers go to the crayle mutually in social media, just do not enjoy fun.

About the author Maik: Since I can think, I own a console and spent most of my gaming hours on a PlayStation or a dusted Nintendo. But the PC picks up because I have assembled my first gaming PC almost 1.5 years ago.

I know Warzone on three systems (PC, PS4, PS5), only play with controller and I’m most likely on the PS5. The balance discussion between the platforms can be found correctly, but as she is guided, annoys me huge,

CrossSplay fags frustration between console and PC players

What is the problem with CrossSplay at COD? A topic for players on Xbox and PlayStation are the cheaters on the PC. Also on the consoles there are possibilities for chesting such as devices that intervene in the control and reduce the recoil of the weapons. But especially cheaters on the PC with their special programs are likely to make up most of the cheaters, who have been the Battle Royale plague for a long time.

But I do not feel about the cheaters. This is such a topic for themselves and hopefully the new anti-cheat system changes the end of the year, the cheater situation in Warzone.

I am concerned with two very different topics that currently heat the minds of many players:

  • The target help of controllers
  • The field of view control on the PC

PC players drive consoleros for the AIM assist

What is the problem with the target help? Call of Duty felt more like a controller game for a long time. Even the first official professional games took place on an Xbox and in the era of COD MW PlayStation and controller were duty. The cold was season took place for the first time on the PC instead of controller but continued duty (via playstation

Quite normal for controller players is a certain AIM-Assist in Shooters – a target aid. And exactly this assist goes the PC player of Call of Duty belonging to the spirit. While PC players can also benefit from the assist and play with controller, but honestly: Which PC player changes from mouse and keyboard (M & T) in a shooter on controller. Of course, exceptions confirmed the rule.

The problem is now:

  • PC players feel disadvantaged with M & T
  • Even PC players can simply change to controller
  • CrossSPlay can not be disabled on the PC
  • There was apparently a strong buff for the Assist sometime sometime in recent months
  • The AIM Assist helps discover opponents
  • You can feel the AIM assist and improve his sniper gameplay

Especially the unconfirmed buff has probably led to now many players against the AIM-Assist. Console players defend themselves and both players groups have fallen together for months. The Warzone expert JGOD shows in a short video, how strong the assist is up to date:

In the sub-reddit of Warzone alone, hundreds of threads have been found under the keyword Aim Assist in the last 12 months, which have the AIM assist on the topic (via reddit).

Many of them are RANT threads in which the users get upset about the assist. In these threads, then often does not matter. The users put themselves and rain in the end less about the AIM assist, but more about the understanding comment against their own opinion.

CrossSplay should actually bring the players together. Why does it happen to me as if the platforms remove from each other, at least at Call of Duty.

Consoleros Potel back because of missing FOV slider

What is the problem with the field of view? Almost hand in hand with comments to the AIM-Assist go arguments to the field of view, in English Field of view and short FOV.

With a field regulator / FOV slider you can set the displayed field of view and looks more of the game. Everything is displayed slightly smaller and the gameplay also feels faster because you bridge a larger display area in the same time. But you can see much more of his environment.

I would like to show you a picture of JGOD, which he has posted on Twitter:

For comparison, the two upper screenshots are suitable here because the Streamer Reidboyy and Mutex are already down and watching repless.

There is no time difference between the two top pictures, both are at the same point and look in the same direction. Nevertheless, Mutex can even recognize a tree on the edge of the screen, while Reidboyy’s degrees so the tree left in the picture.

The missing FOV slider then the console players take back to the ground to complain about discrimination. Sophisticated PC players then return to the AIM assist as a problem in the discussion, which there is only because COD will allegedly prefer the console and thus controller players.

CrossSPlay should connect players – but brings them to each other

Somehow this AIM assist / field of view is a self-reinforcing vicious circle that leads too much frustration and even hatred. That annoys me extremely and I feel as a big problem in the COD community.

The discussion does not just concern warzone, the situation is similar to the premium titles, whether COD MW or Black Ops Cold was. The alpha from the new COD Vanguard also had no FOV slider on the PlayStation, possibly the debate turns another COD generation in a circle.

Ongoing, there are therefore these debates and unsightly things that are completely strangers there mutually throwing their heads. Players who actually have a common hobby and could have fun with each other, smoke fies and no one moves back a little bit.

How could one solve the problem? Currently the debate turns into the largest parts around the two points AIM-Assist and FOV slider. The dynamics of discussions would already change if the consoles could increase their field of view.

Ok, only one side would be helped, but it would take some steam from the whole discussion. A solution for the AIM-Assist problem is a very different story.

Weapon balancing is already a complicated affair, but the balancing of two input devices? When is the assist too strong, where are the different devices in the advantage, do you need an AIM assist at all or should both input devices have one? I feel reminded of rocket sciences.

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Balancing between the platforms is the problem with the CrossSplay in Call of Duty. You do not feel like a mega server, on which all at least halfway with the same prerequisites go to the start, here are hardware differences excluding. There are always mouse players, AIM-Assist Noobs, Cronus Cheater or PC Schwitzer with Full Fov.

I admit, Call of Duty never had the most positive community. I mean, we pop each other every day all the day and really want to win, I do not expect so much. But what influence CrossSplay has on the community, I do not like it at all.

I also like to read your comments on the topic. Do you mean that the AIM assist is unfair? Are you annoying the fact that there is no FOV slider on the consoles? Or can we please just be all friends?

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