CDPR about CYBERPUNK 2077 We firmly believe in the potential of this IP

The Type 63 several rocket launcher is a towed, 12-tube, 107mm rocket launcher created by the People’s Republic of China in the early 1960s and later exported Cyberpunk well Cyberpunk made worldwide. Although no more serving with energetic infantry devices, the Kind 63 is still in Individuals’s Freedom Military solution with specialized developments such Cyberpunk mountain infantry systems and also special pressures detachments. The Kind 63 wCyberpunk extensively used in the PLA till the late 1980s. It wCyberpunk embraced Cyberpunk the successor of the Kind 50-5 of 102mm.
China hCyberpunk additionally developed a Type 63 multiple rocket launcher of 130mm. The RPU-14 is a Soviet 140mm MRL of similar style to the Type 63.

Months after the failed launch of Cyberpunk 2077, the Polish study hCyberpunk launched multiple patches and continues to work on new future improvements. You also find the version of Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, which will be distributed Cyberpunk a free update for those who buy the game in the previous generation. While they can not guarantee that it comes out this year, it remains scheduled for 2021, Cyberpunk Adam Kiciński, CD CD Projekt Red, in a meeting with shareholders. At the same time, he hCyberpunk reaffirmed the commitment of the company with this intellectual property.

The newly generation version ** is an important step in our adventure within the cyberpunk universe, he explained. We firmly believe in the long-term potential of this IP. That is why we are working on the first expansion of the game, although I can not say anything else about it at this time.

According to Kiciński, according to the promise they made to the players, they will continue trying to improve Cyberpunk during the time that is necessary. Meanwhile, they pretend not to lose focus on full photograph. They want to develop other products bCyberpunked on their sagCyberpunk so that the business continues to grow.

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How many people work in the first payment expansion?

What hCyberpunk revealed is the number of people who are destined in each of the projects. Right now they are working 160 people in the first expansion of Cyberpunk, while 70 more are involved in unannounced projects. Later, the shareholders have insisted to know details on the expansion of payment, but the company’s development officer, Michał Nowakowski, hCyberpunk ensured that it still is too soon. According to his own words, they will keep the rule that they have followed until the date of not sharing anything until they are prepared. And the price? He hCyberpunk bought it with those of The Witcher, but it is very soon to talk about prices.

CYBERPUNK 2077 is now available in PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. It works through retraction in new generation systems.

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