Genhin Impact Clouds and shooting stars date and event info

Log in and receive rewards to enhance your characters, weapons, or enjoy wishes banners. The daily connection bonus event Clouds and shooting stars arrives from September 28th. Have an act of attendance for 7 days, and recover up to 10 stones of fatality.

Event details in genshin impact

Clouds and shooting stars offers various connection bonuses. These can be claimed daily at the time of the daily reset _ (5:00 in France) _. Gifts must be claimed to obtain those of the following days, for a total of 7 rewards. It is not necessary to connect 7 consecutive days to get the different rewards.

  • Daily connection bonus –
    1. Stone of fatality x1
    2. MORA X80 000
    3. Pierre of fatality x2
    4. X18 Mystical Reinforcement Ore
    5. Stone of fatality x2
    6. Lessons of the Hero X8
    7. Stone of fatality x5

Date of the event Clouds and shooting stars

The event Clouds and stars lasts 15 days on genshin impact. It starts on September 28 and ends at the end of the patch 2.1. During this period, it is possible to obtain rewards for each day of connection for 7 days. However, it is necessary to be at least 5 adventure level to enjoy rewards.

  • _ Start date -_ _Mardi 28 September, 5:00 AM
  • Date of end – _Fin of the patch 2.1 (13 October) _
  • Duration – 15 days or until the 7th reward
  • Adventure level 5 or more

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