The Sims 4 Industrial Loft Set brings warehouse and Brooklyn

For the Sims 4 with the industrial lofts a new set appears tomorrow. This offers lots of furnishings that transform the home to your Sims into a chic loft that could be directly in Brooklyn. There is a whole range of new ways to combine industrial charm, hip art and modern, stylish furniture with second hand pieces. In addition, the cooperation comes with a real artist.

The Sims 4 gets chic industrial lofts Straight Outta Brooklyn

If your SIM home always wanted to set up as in various US televisions, you now get the perfect opportunity. The industrial loft set keeps what the name promises and lets you set up the interior just as in a noble loft directly from Brooklyn.

That can then look like this:

The mix makes it: Such lofts of course live from the combination of large, raw surfaces with industrial charm. Then there are only a few cool vintage furniture, hip artworks, freestanding beds, double sliding doors and huge windows. In addition, heaps of metallic ventilations, wooden or steel frames and various new lighting elements come. In about it maybe like this:

Cooperation with Ohni Lisle: To make the Brooklyn flair perfect, a free game update for the Sims 4 will also be released, which brings an original artwork by Ohni Lisle into the game. Ohni is a contemporary artist who lives in Brooklyn and, among other things, strongly powered together with LGBTQ * organizations for equality and inclusion. The picture can be seen above in the header.

When is the loft set? Avil tomorrow, on August 26, the time has come. Then the industrial loft set for the SIMS 4 appears on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Thanks to downward compatibility of PS5 and Xbox Series S / X, the whole thing also works on the current gene consoles.

How do you like the new set? Whatever new possibilities do you want?

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