How to Properly Elevate the Knee after Surgery
Already in the preseason, the 38-year-old Katsigiannis had helped as a representative of Appelgren, whose comeback continued to shift after operations on knee, shoulder and fingers and has kept themselves fit since his end of his contract with the men’s dwellers. Now the son of a Greeks born in Werne receives a new contract. Nikolas Katsigiannis is in training to keep fit. But clear, in the current situation, we have ever felt and talked to him, whether he might help, Löwen coach Klaus Gärtner was still on Monday morning the Mannheimer tomorrow said. We are aware of the fact that we have to have quality and quantity on goalkeeping position. The lions start on 9 September with the game at TSV Hannover-Burgdorf in the new season. Eight days later, Katsigiannis will be 39 years old. ## HBL: These new entries are already fixed for 2021/22

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