Klepto presents an emblematic and complex cosplay that is out of this world

We are back with the Weekly Cosplay Cogconnected. As you may have guessed, we love the cosplay. Photographs, tutorials, even registrations of conventions, whatever their form. This week we glance at Klepto, a Japanese cosplayer with a well-filled library of magnificent cosplays. All his outfits would have just been able to get out of the screen, including wigs, contacts, accessories and even really impressive tattoos. If you are impressed by the precise cosplays of the game and the anime, look no further, because Klepto has the gift of giving life to 2D characters.

Sora – Kingdom Hearts

Aoba Seraguki (with MABS / @ ioneaceaSpoon in the role of Noiz) – Dramatical Murder

Aura Kingdom - Patch 80 Release - What's New?

Toshinori Yagi / All Might – My Hero Academia

Ookurikara – Touken Ranbu

Yuna – Final Fantasy X

You want to discover a cosplay even more impressive?

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