As of this year Onlyfans will prohibit any type of explicit sexual content

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Yesterday we talked about the application of Onlyfans , which would present a kind of documentaries focused on the most popular creators of the platform. Within this app it would not be possible to find explicit content, and now something similar with the website will happen.

According to a report of Bloomberg, Onlyfans will be prohibiting any type of explicit sexual content as of October 1 of this year. Although publishing images or videos of nudes that comply with the rules of the Site will continue to be allowed. In the official statement you can read the following:

Since October 1, 2021, Onlyfans will prohibit the publication of any content that contains sexually explicit behavior. To ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform and continue to house an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines. The creators will continue to be allowed to publish content that contains naked whenever it is consistent with our acceptable policy of use.

According to Onlyfans , this movement is due to several requests of its bank partners and payment providers, who are not in accordance with the platform by failing adequately to the publication of explicit sexual content.

Via: Bloomberg

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