Demon Slayer fan shows the cosplay of Mitsuri Kanroji complete with 3D printed sword

A big fan of Demon Slayer has created an incredibly accurate cosplay of Mitsuri Kanroji, and even included a 3D printed sword.

The creator of Cosplay Delaney has achieved a very impressive look for Megacon. Delaney chose to embody and replicate the character of Mitsuri Kanroji, coming from one of the most popular anime and sleeve series, murderer of demons . Mitsuri is difficult to incarnate, particularly because her presence in her’s program distinguishes her from the rest of the characters. She is one of the only characters that are special and the program lets him know through her appearance.

She is not confined to an outfit as the other characters of Demon Slayer and is given even more individuality only through her appearance. Mitsuri is considered strange, passionate and timid by nature, features that make it difficult for you to connect with others and find a romantic couple. The 97th Leader of Demon Slayer Corps noticed the differences of it and proudly advised him to reject normal social standards and expectations, which she would completely accept herself. She…

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