Sims 4 fans throw EA misleading advertising and get a window now

A window is currently causing restlessness in the SIMS 4 community. Specifically, it’s about the industrial loft set that was released a few days ago. EA applied the DLC with a picture that’s prominent in the middle a large window is placed. Buyers of course went out that this item would also be in the package, but that was not the case. Accordingly angry, some fans reacted to Twitter.

EA reacts to the community

EA has now responded to the excitement over the official SIMS account on Twitter. According to those responsible, the window was merely part of a cinematic composition, which should make you want the DLC and never thought as part of the industrial loft set. However, the developers also show understanding of the community.

Fans get their window: Despite some small – and also painful – delays, we are glad to tell you that the window will be replenished with the next patch as part of the industrial loft set, it says in the Twitter post. The excitement seems to have been worth it.

Link to Twitter content

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The Sims meets Stardew Valley

Most recently, the extensive extension was published for SIMS 4, which wants to swim on the success wave of farm simulations such as Stardev Valley. As you can read in our match report, the DLC is more likely to be something for small gardener, because some animals and functions are missing that country-house life could have made a real alternative for full simulations.

How do you like the last extensions and DLCs from the Sims 4?

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